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130 Replies to “Egypt pyramid spilleautomat

  1. Human in ancient is more more BIGGER. So, making a pyramid was not a big deal.

  2. The fact we know more about space than our past lives is saying something.

  3. There has to be simpler n easy way to bring up the pyramid……if the blocks were actually brought up because there is no evidence to show blocks were moved up.

  4. There is no mystery. Man likes mysteries, he thrives on them so he invents them and once invented the answer is always aliens or supernatural. Why is there no mystery, simply because men, people, humans like us built them and there are only a couple of possibilities. No magic, just human imagination, human sweat and blood and simple stone masonry and leverage, block and tackle or haulage. Anything other than these is Excremento de Toro.

  5. Proud of where my Egyptian Father comes from the greastest an best land on earth Egypt love my egyptian blood

  6. 인간이 어떻게 피라미드 짓냐.. 다 거인족들이 했지 이집트 벽화에 벽돌 나르는 거인족 많이 나오던데

  7. Cant explain billions of years.?????????try supernatural angelic functions….

  8. spent is whole life studying the pyramids and give us a string n grinding stone operation… Lifes work summed up in 5 minute vid.

  9. I get it easy lyrics up beat tune and marketability is all you need to make a hit song, but this right here is real music!.

  10. With the whole debate about ancient Egyptians being black I was expecting modern day black people to be the best at construction if they were the original Egyptians lmao 😂

  11. بدء التشكل أحادي
    ثم ثنائي
    ثم ثلاثي: الهرم
    ثم رباعي : مكة
    ثم خماسي: الجريان الأرض
    في كل تشكيل هناك تطابق في الاضلاع باختلاف أشكالها ما عدا الدائرة كان لا بد من نقص (الباي) فيها ليتم جريانها حيث أن جميع الاشكال لا يمكن أن تتحرك.
    الخلاصة كل الأبنية بنيت من قبل نبي بتسهيل القوة من ملاك وبقيت هذه الآثار دلالة على بدء التكوين والخلق.

  12. The ramp would be as difficult to build as the pyramid. Ive seen many theorys and Im not buying any of them, idk how they did it, the accuracy is ridiculous, the only theory to account for accuracy is the theory of melting and pouring blocks into molds, but thats hard to believe too, its still accuracy after 5 thousand years, wtf.

  13. Pyramids of Giza are built by Ancient Indians.The Etimology of pyramids relates to Tamil.
    Perum + edu = highest keep, SIVA is deformed to GIZA.
    Pyramids are built to dedicate and in remembrance of lord Shiva from south.You will get all the solution about how they built only in India.Ravans uncle Mayasura is the father of architecture.

  14. Heute können Sie keine
    Straßen und Häuser bauen.
    Vor 4000Tausend Jahren
    könnten Sie die Pyramiden
    bauen, da kommen Zweifel.

  15. So the Egyptians were extremely advanced with technology that puzzles scientists even today. And somehow they completely lost their knowledge? Why arent they a technology super power? They should be flying cars already.
    The manpower alone that it would have taken. Focus was food and shelter in that time. Why in the world would they spend time on this?
    It is not logical in any way, shape or form.

  16. So… 20 years to build these massive structures with basic tools and millions, (approx 2.3 in the great pyramid alone) of massive stones weighing huge amounts, (est to be between 2.5 to 15 tons with a basic interweb search, average of 3 tons maybe)… but 30 years to figure out we can still only hypothesize. WE DONT KNOW!! 30 years and you, (and most academics) still cant admit that you dont know. Oh can we assume said massive ramps would have added a fair number of years to the building time?

    I also suspect that we would struggle to get the job done even now.

    Egyptians? Possibly.
    Advanced but now gone species/race? Maybe.
    Aliens? Cant actually rule that out given the recent release of footage from government(s).
    A hoax from some locals, you know… like some of the crop circles. Pretty low chance!
    Not tombs and where there for some other reason? More likely, thus probably previous to the Egyptians.

    Just thinking out loud. 😉

  17. If it was possible to flood the area with dams around the structure.
    you could use wood,rope, and air trapped in animal skins as floatation devices. Effectively flooding and floating the pieces from a temporary dock to the structure method
    It would be helpful with lining up blocks since you don’t have to break people’s spines doing it. Once it’s finished the water is redirected and returned to the Niall river. It would still be a huge effort but it could help people use floating crafts to paint and carve.

    At least that’s the way I’m writing a story.

  18. This vid is totally bullshit. There is no evidence at all that the Egyptians built the Pyramids. The Egyptians wrote everything they ever did in hieroglyphs and pictographs, and there is not one mention of the pyramids. No inscription, and no bodies have ever been found inside any of the pyramids. The Sumerians however DID mention the pyramids, and they lived 4000 years BEFORE the Egyptians. Geologists have analyzed the erosion on the pyramids, and have determined that the erosion was caused by WATER. There has been no rain in Egypt for the last 8,000 years. Geologists suspect that the pyramids and the great Sphinx are at least 10,000 to 12,000 years old. And there is no possible way to construct a pyramid that contains 2.5 million 6 ton stones in 20 years. We cant even do that now with our modern equipment.

    1. Thank you for my daily laugh. lol! It appears we have another graduate of the _University_ of Google/Fakebook/Instagarbage/Twit-R/entertainment television here folks. Simple things for simple minds.

  19. DOMESTICATED MEGAFAUNA!!! If Carthagens could domesticate hundreds of elephants for battle; Ancient man could domesticate the megafauna for pyramid construction. Then use the megafauna in the pully system to lift as well.

    1. @Vary Olla yeah thinking outside the box and looking at the bigger picture at what makes the most sense is a bad idea. What about the waterline on the sphynx, What evidence has dated the Giza bedrock? I need to put my nose in more books before I am elite enough to be on your close minded level. This is why the proletariat ruled countries are the ones who succeed. If the Egyptians built the Sphynx and Giza then why are there just 1 of each. Where are the replicas of the Sphynx and why are future pyramids so much smaller of weaker design?. If I had the means to research more myself I would; I am sporting the idea in hopes it reached someone with the means to think outside the box and what makes more sense and get to work.

    2. @Josh Knoxville I think what you think = is irrelevant Im afraid. I think what matters = evidence – and only evidence.

      So the Giza necropolis has been excavated down to the bedrock. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – to indicate a predynastic civilization let alone one capable of creating the Sphinx.

      So what you offer then is the infamous logical/deductive fallacy referred to as argumentum ad ignorantiam. It is not what someone believes that matters = only what can be proven via credible evidence.

      That evidence must further be subject to outside peer-review consensus lest it be little more than subjective whimsical assumption. So if you want to believe in some mythical civilization whom the Egyptians copied = first prove they were real and then we can talk. Everything points to the Egyptians.

    3. @Vary Olla What are your thoughts on Biblioteca? What are your thoughts on younger dryas an civilizations on man that were here pre 10 thousand years ago before the younger dryas global freeze (possible flood story) event? I just doubt that the Egyptions built the Sphynx and Giza site. It is entirely possible that they did many reconstructions and renovations to the ancient buildings and then tried to mimic the design. Do you actually believe that the after flood or after younger dryas Egyptions built the Sphynx originally?

    4. @Josh Knoxville Argumentum ad ignorantiam is sooooooo boring – truly. How about rather than fantasizing = you follow the actual evidence you see. Things will turn out better for you after all than all the fabulous nonsense.

      p.s. – why are pyramids smaller after the 4th Dynasty = read Egyptian history. The Pharaohs of the 5th Dynasty onwards = solar kings. They put less emphasis on their tombs to instead create elaborate solar temples to manifest their positions as Ra incarnate on Earth.

      Also towards the end of the Old Dynasty Egypt and the region incurred prolonged drought which eventually caused the Old Kingdom collapse. In short those later Pharaohs = were poorer – their predecessors having spent the wealth of Egypt on ever-larger tombs. Pyramids were expensive and time consuming to create.

    5. @Vary Olla because magafauana and pyramid construction (Giza and Sphynx) could be from pre flood over 10k years ago original construction before the writing which came thousands of years later. The megafauna were extinct 6 thousand to 8 thousand years ago. I believe that the Giza and Sphynx predate the 1st dynasty and were built pre flood/ pre younger dryas at the peak before the collapse. The survivers childrend became the Egyptians and were trying to mimic ancient construction sites that survived the collapse. This is why most pyramids dated after 3rd dynasty are so much smaller then the Giza site. Just a hypothesis not a fact, yet.

  20. Y los reptilianos se están riendo de los humanos que tratan de explicar con tanta teoría complicada algo que fue tan simple y tan sencillo para ellos…!!

  21. Just tear it down why break your brains on what’s inside or how it was built I can see for some time study observe but you can only do that so long it really don’t matter if it’s torn down or preserve it’s it’s not doing anything but giving the world headaches on it’s mystery really will it change there way of life or living or a anybody else on the planet if there so obsessed with it break it apart slow to see what’s inside or underneath enough with these idiotic theories and bs nobody will ever know no matter how old your are or the type of education you have about it 🙄

  22. We think that they had nothing but I’m sure they had their own technology to produce those pyramids. They weren’t dumb lol

  23. Do you believe that science is becoming strong day by day… Then you are wrong… Actually the science is decreasing day by day…

  24. Egyptologist starts off admitting he doesnt really know and its all inference and then the narrator proceeds to pronounce the idiotic ramp theory like its a proven fact.

    1. 1 – Herodotus stated that the Egyptians spent 10 years building what he termed as a great causeway to then spend another 20 years on the pyramid itself. Ergo causeway = ramp.
      2 – in the western cemetery next to the Great Pyramid are partially completed tombs which still have the earthen ramps used in their construction.
      3 – the earthen ramps at Giza are made from a mixture of sand/stone chips/tafla – a clay they mined. Near the worker village at Giza is the remains of a huge tafla mining operation.
      4 – when the limestone quarries at Giza were excavated years ago they were found to have had massive amounts of………..sand/stone chips/tafla dumped into them = or what they built ramps from. So as they encased the pyramids in white Tura limestone they systematically dug away the ramps and dumped the residue into the open quarry pits to backfill the area.
      5 – finally at Karnak are the remains of mudbrick ramps used in the construction of hypostyle temples there. Also the tomb of Rekhmire shows a hypostyle temple being built using a mudbrick ramp.

      Moral of the story: there are other examples of ramps used in construction of course besides the evidence noted above = but the point is made. Better luck next time with whatever internet fantasies you want to believe. For the rest of thinking humanity however we follow the actual evidence on the ground. As John Adams famously quipped: _facts are stubborn things._

  25. This goes in as one of the 7wonders of the world 🤫 they may speculate …but no one Truely knows ok 🥴 what of the option that E.Ts helped ancient Egyptians built them 🤫

    1. Pity then = they were not built using slaves. lol! Next time follow less Hollywood = and more evidence – and things will turn out better for you. The actual evidence on the ground shows the workforce to be well treated and a mixture of seasonal labor along with a professional caste of artisans who worked for the Pharaohs and were paid for their labors.

  26. Wow 30 years of research and the answer has been posted on Youtube all the time !

  27. No science believe that giants and supernatural angelic beings built these megga stone building……

  28. its a mystery still they are explaining are they speaking language of god 😂

  29. The pyramid was septic tank use to treat sewage water from the surrounding community before it returned to the Nile.

  30. would a 1 megaton nuclear device detonated inside the great pyramid destroy the pyramid?

  31. Lets document every last thing we do every day, BUT…..lets make future generations GUESS how we built the Pyramids. Pharaohs had giant egos. They believed they were Gods. They claimed the Pyramids but did not dare guess how they were made. Only the recently discovered Papyrus at Wadi al-Jarf mentions bringing casing stones from the Turu quarries. Were they simply repairing the damaged casing stones? Egyptians not detailing how they built the worlds greatest structures is….the most telling clue they left.

    1. @Vary Olla Youre a snotty little bch arent you? First of all, there was mention of stones. Not stones. As for your graffiti being in an area only accessible at the time of its creation…really? And you know this HOW? The tombs were SACKED thousands of years ago and theres only ONE known piece of graffiti…and thats exactly what it was, otherwise there would have been much more. The origin of the graffiti is dubious at best. Youre seeing what you want to see. Khufu would have plastered his Pyramid story all over Egypt, but what do we actually have? Some graffiti and a list of repairs from Wadi. Egyptians have been sacking the Pyramids for BUILDING materials since they FOUND them. Maybe Khufu decided to patch things up before claiming it. You dont know….and I dont know, but I know one thing- a culture famous for its hieroglyphs and paintings that doesnt document their greatest achievement….is as dubious as you talking a piece of parchment as the gospel.

    2. Wrong………..but thank you for playing. Also Merers diary refers to the Great Pyramid and the Giza port facility via Khufu. The Egyptians referred to things via the Pharaoh responsible for them. That does not even account for other evidence such as dating or the workmen graffiti found in the pyramid in an area only accessible at the time of its creation.

      Coincidentally you failed to note that at Wadi al-Jarf they also found white limestone blocks which had on them identical quarrymen markings in the same red ocher paint as were found in the pyramid and the covering stones of the solar boat pit beside it. So seeing only what you want to see while ignoring other relevant evidence makes for a boring argument Im afraid.

      On a side note. The Old Kingdom of Egypt was basically erased from their history by later Pharaohs until the late-period when there was a resurgence in Old Kingdom religious beliefs just prior to Egypt being conquered by the Persians. The Egyptians of that time seeing how weak Egypt had become likely looked to the old Gods vis a vis the Old Kingdom Pharaohs in a failed attempt to rekindle Egypts past greatness. Think harder………or go home.

  32. 중동에서의 피라미드돌들을,고인돌 모양들로의,사막횡단 방향지시 터널들에 써야하는 일들.
    하느님의 일들에,피라미드돌들을 써야하는 일들.자원부족들이 생길때는,할수없다고 하심.
    God Lord,given this messages.

  33. So many theories, on how it was built, but still I wasnt convince it was built like this

  34. Given the 20-year construction estimate, they were looking at placing one of each of the giant blocks every 10 minutes, around the clock for 20 years. They would also need time to quarry, transport and shape to one degree or another. Sure there were multiple crews but at some point, you reach a space limitation and a communication breakdown for the precision needed.

    1. @Vary Olla That makes some sense. But no one alive was there. So, youre theory is still a matte of opinion. This dude has been studying the problem for decades, and he still doesnt know for sire. Also, those crude cuts could have been highly polished at first. Thousands of years of sand blasting would have eroded the polish.

    2. Wrong. Next time think more broadly. The pyramids are large structures which can easily accommodate hundreds of workers broken down into teams. Thus they could easily allow for multiple teams working in tandem in different places on it. That alone would facilitate multiple blocks being laid in tandem in different parts of the pyramid. So forget your quaint X blocks per………nonsense as they is premised upon 1 at a time = which no one builds that way – not even back then.

      p.s. – look at those blocks. Very few are carefully cut and shaped let alone polished. Most are little more than crudely fractured chunks of stone of assorted shapes and sizes reflecting their fracturing from the bedrock in a rapid manner and being hauled away as is to the nearby pyramid which was only 100-200 meters away.

  35. The human race is so smart that yet has not been able to figure it out

  36. i can think a lot of ways to built it without using modern tools. its just using common sense. what i cant unserstand is people seems to thinks it impossible that ancient people cant built it. PEOPLES BRAIN ARE FULLY EVOLVE 10K YEARS AGO they just dont have the accumulated knowledge.

  37. Pharo: I made the Jews work for it, Spiral or Science. They had Magic Orbs anyway don’t even need Jews 5000BC 😂 Time Travellers…

  38. Ok if most pyramids were 1500BC or anytime BC, wouldnt that mean they were animals like the willy mammoth or even bigger horses or cattle or something big that could have been pets to humans back then? Why does these giant block have to be moved by human strength..🤔🧐🤦

    1. You may know alot more than me but I was speaking in all heavy structures in general. Structures that are big to be moved by human strength alone. There is clearly animals that were strong enough to pull with the help guidance of humans. The Pyramids were built, so it means its not impossible. And there are 3 of them. So clearly theyve done it 3 times

    2. You must always follow the evidence you see. So you see evidence of their moving heavy objects via manpower pulling wooden sleds. Yet you also see in places yoked oxen pulling heavy objects on wooden sleds as well as performing agricultural work. So they used both manpower as well as draft animals. Yet many overlook the animal power as speaking only to men doing a task makes for a more interesting story.

      Also the pyramids date back even further. Most were built during the Old Kingdom with some also being built during the later Middle Kingdom. Finally there is no evidence to support horses before the Hyksos period which followed the collapse of the Middle Kingdom. The Hyksos invaded and conquered northern Egypt for a century using horses and the war chariot before the Egyptians eventually drove them out using the same things. So the Hyksos introduced the chariot and the horse to Egypt. Prior to that they used donkeys and oxen.

    1. @Vary Olla nope, as the Sphinx, the actual dates are not accepted by the mainstream as it conflicts with the Biblical notion, man has only been here for since the creation story.

      Also it took centuries for people to accept how long g man has been on earth. but some still dont accept it. change takes time.

    2. @Chris Ubias I speak English……….not sure what you think you speak however. lol! Your post is gibberish. Perhaps you should assume less and think more to look at the evidence.

      As to dating the Great Pyramid that was done via multiple sources. Clearly you know less than you assume here.

    3. @Vary Olla sorry .no evidence there is none of the technology left to be found Also, the brit that supposed dated the pyramid has been discredited. but not accepted by mainstream Egyptian history because what the actual date would mean

    4. Not slaves – yes ramps and ropes. That is what the evidence shows. Sorry if your imaginary constructs get in the way of your rationality here but as they say in France: _Cest La Vie_ Simple things for simple minds.

  39. Atheist: religious peoples contribute nothing to civilization.
    Ancient Egyptians: hold my pyramid and the sun god, RA.

  40. Words that will never be spoken at a cocktail party again:
    – Hi, nice to meet you.
    – Hi.
    – So what field are you in?
    – I’m in pyramids.
    – Oh great! Is it trending?
    – It was when we started 20 years ago.

  41. 2.3 million stones perfectly placed in 20 years. 5 minutes or less to perfectly place each stone 24/7 for 20 years with no mistakes. Not seeing that

    1. Time to see the optometrist it seems. lol! Look harder next time as I see highly imperfect blocks all over the pyramids to say nothing of gaps everywhere – some so large they are jammed full of rubble and the gypsum mortar the Egyptians used. Sad how some apparently see *ONLY* what they desperately want to see at the expense of what is actually there. _Cest La Vie_

  42. I believe this as much as I believe the vaccine will help humanity

  43. Towards the top they said let’s just throw this rubble in there and be finished already 😂😂

  44. This must be a comedy video or something… I kept waiting for the punchline. These explanations are ridiculous.

  45. I like to see the only ancient monuments where it takes the entire life of an educated people studying on it and dies with no understanding.

  46. bull shits!!! every normal person know that the pyramids are not build buy humans like this hahahahaha

  47. All they have to have is lots of slaves and minimal machinery and they could build anything

    1. No to slaves = yes to basic machinery such as fulcrum-based lever devices and so forth.

  48. * Hei kansalaiset! Laitetaan Arto Lauri Youtube kanavat itselle ja kavereille myös tilaukseen.

  49. I luv how they show humans pulling the 2ton blocks on sleds while the horses, Camels and oxen stand still watching .

    1. lol! Not horses = but they did use oxen. The horse was introduced to Egypt by the Hyksos after the time of the pyramids and its use was limited to royalty and the government – aka the army. The average Egyptian did not raise and use horses – though they did use donkeys which are native to Egypt. Just an aside.

  50. They are not asking the most critical question as to why the pyramids were built, they were built by the forces of the
    ark of the covenant, and used as store houses of the ark, the pyramids acted as resonators of the arks vibrations,
    radiating energy projected by the high priests. Moses or should I say Ahmoses was not the only pharaoh to have use this instrument.

  51. The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians 5000 years ago using stone chisels.
    Amazingly, there are people with college degrees who still believe this. So…., how did they accomplish all this?
    They had magic powers.

  52. Ancient egyptians were black. Look who they have building them – some persians

  53. In QS. Al-Qasas Verse 38 is clear what the pyramids are made of…. So burn clay for me, O Haman (to make bricks), then build a high building for me so that I can go up to see the Lord Moses, and I believe that he is a liar. Because the land that is thousands of years old, will by itself harden like stone.

  54. Elevators, cranes, magic 🤔
    My guess the giants built them

    If they did use a ramp then wouldnt it make more sense to build the pyramids as a spiral ramp while they built it building up the center first and then building backwards down the outside and finishing at the bottom rather than the top 🤷‍♂️

  55. One day the curtain will rise after searching for the secret of the pyramids just wait our world ,,!!!!

  56. A race of giants known as the ADS built Egypt. The blocks are geoploymer. Cast on site. Already proven.
    One ADS could carry two blocks.
    Just like is depicted on the walls in Egypt. And in ancient texts.

  57. More than 2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks were pushed, pulled, and dragged into place on the Great Pyramid. The average weight of a block is about 2.3 metric tons (2.5 tons).

    24*60 = 1,440 – minutes number in a day
    24*60*365 = 525,600 – minutes number in a year
    2,300,000 (min) / 525,600 (min/year)= 4.3759 (year)

    If you pose 1 block every minute it takes 4.4 years to finish the pyramid
    If you pose 1 block every 2 minutes it takes 8.8 years to finish the pyramid
    If you pose 1 block every 4 minutes it takes 17.6 years to finish the pyramid
    If you pose 1 block every 12 minutes it takes 52.5 years to finish the pyramid

    I cannot imagine logistics even for a 12 minutes block during 53 years, day and night.

    1. @Vary Olla
      *Oh my dear, you get an error in the word soliloquies.*
      *If history is science,* historiens should act like all other scientists. If you have facts that contradict the theory, you must change the theory. But not, they prefer to don’t notice the facts.

      *There are hundreds of facts,* that something is done with the hi technologie methods and instruments. The tourists from USA and Canada come to Machu Picchu with their own guide because it’s impossible to listen to the local guides with their «it’s built by Inka», «it’s cuted by Inka», «it’s moved by Inka». Fukkk you, Inka was in the stone age!

      *And fukkk you too, my friend.* I gave you some little truth and you have nothing to answer.
      Except stupidities like «paid by post, imbecilic soliloquies, believe that nonsense».
      You told me for the second time that «I have a simple brain, I don’t think hard».

      *Look at yourself,* you have your brain so complex and hard that your logic doesnt go farther than F. Engels’ «The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884)».
      You are not able to produce any argument, except to put the Egyptians on a row.

      And why this hysterical, calm down, take a pill or two glasses of red.
      *Have a nice day, underdeveloped.*

    2. @Boris Savenkov So are you paid by the post or do you have a bulk rate deal going on here?? 🤣

      You trolls with your imbecilic soliloquys are really too much sometimes. The really sad part is you apparently actually think others believe that nonsense. So sad really. Simple things for simple minds I guess.

    3. @Vary Olla
      Oh, my friend, it’s just *one of the hundreds of pieces* of evidence that the Egyptians did not build the big pyramids. Think harder too :- ))

      *There are about 120 pyramids in Egypt.* Only a few of them 5 or 6 are built by the unknown civilization or with the aliens help. When the Egyptians came to the place about 5 thousand year BCE the big, great pyramids were already there. All other pyramids are the Egyptians masterpieces, no doubt. They tried to copy the Goods, but they looked like a scooter near the VOLVO truck.

      Try to find academic proof that the Giza pyramids were built 2.5 thousand year BCE. No way. There is only one – the two inches Khufu figurin found on the roof of the pharaon chamber. *The pyramids are already designed on the ceramic of 4 thousand year BCE.* But for academics they are not pyramids but the mountains. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

      Academics told us that the pyramids were built to keep the pharaoh body in the sarcophagus. *But until now all the pyramid sarcophagus are empty,* even in the untouched pyramids (Sekhemkhet pyramid). By the way, the flowers on the Sekhemkhet sarcophagus are dated 2 centuries before Sekhemkhet life :- ))

      20 years ago we must listen to the history teachers with their simplified linear version of human history. Now, thanks to god and to Youtube, *we see Baalbeck, Temple mount, Mahpelah cave (Cave of the Patriarchs), Pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu, Saksaywaman, Tiwanaku* etc, etc, etc.
      We see the traces of *the rotative sees, the cylindrical drill up to 20 inches diameter, the megalithic masonry,* all the masterpieces impossible for the stone and copper age. Even if you put 10 employees on the row :- ))

    4. Think harder. I keep seeing in your post = 1 block……….. That is exceedingly facile logic I must say.

      Moral of the story: no one builds that way – not even back then. Masons building a brick building do not lay a single brick to go back for another. They rather employ teams of masons laying bricks simultaneously = in multiple locations……….so it was here. The Egyptians employed thousands of workers broken down into specialized teams while the pyramid is a large structure which can easily accommodate hundreds of workers upon it.

      So blocks would have been placed in multiple locations simultaneously while most of those blocks are little more than crude chunks of stone. They were not carefully cutting millions of blocks. They rather rapidly fractured off approximate chunks of stone and hauled them away dumping them in place leaving lots of gaps all over. Only those few employed to create the inner passages/chambers and the last outer layers of stone were more carefully cut and in some cases polished. The rest is basically stacked rubble.

  58. Are they still pushing the same story on how the pyramids where build. That is how you know they are desperately hiding something. Just release the truth and period.

  59. It is time to renovate the Great Pyramid. Get quarrying the limestone and see if it cam be done inside 5 years. What a site it will be!!

  60. Ancient Egyptians. ? ! Fat chance. How about the Star people who came down to earth, bringing with them the anti gravity technology with which they could move millions of blocks to the desired place, milled with tools that would embarrass the best stone mason with his laser beams and slide rules of today. The Egyptians inherited the pyramids and then carved and painted the walls with stories of their past, living among the star people. If the mere mortals were used to build these pyramids, then where are the bones of all those many thousands of laborers who died on the site. ?

  61. i propose that it was built before the egyptians by giants that once roamed the earth

  62. When i was just 12 years old, my father told me, that ancient people wears 12meters long clothing. (Hmmmm…… No wonder how pyramids were built.) Just sharing an unbelievable idea.

  63. “…this precision engineering was achieved using the most rudimentary of tools…” – nonsense!

  64. The pyramids were built with 275kg people. Their is no reason why they would not have and experiment with 275kg workers. They may have even had 310kg+ workers for however long they lived for.

  65. If you ever think you’re stupid, just know that there’s people in this comment section that genuinely believe the pyramids were built by aliens and giants, and refuse to accept the possibility that maybe, ancient civilizations were more advanced than we thought

    1. The ancient Egyptians were not stooopid – BUT – neither were they advanced. They simply via trial & error tried various things until they found something which worked and they ran with it. So they made the pyramids using basic techniques: ramps + sleds pulled by teams of men and oxen + levers and lever devices using a fulcrum and counterweight akin to the Egyptian shaduf + copper and gneiss stone tools + and elbow grease. lol!

      They also used fire to help get through bedrock via heating and rapid cooling of the stone using water as well as abrasives such as sand or corundum to polish stone smooth. They were not cavemen after all.

  66. This IS illogical! How Can people just like us use thèse simple tools that you shhow us and build such fascinating Big construction in pyramids with all mathematical and astrological précisions how could thèse bé made if they werent already in a really sophisticated civilisation and technology. It has been clear now that thé pyramids were built before thé egyptians by a civilisation which excelled in construction and maybe they were Moving thèse tons of blocks just using sound waves or sôme superior form of technology that WE dont even know about as well as we dont even know or bé sûre who build them first???

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