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150 Replies to “Casino hos prinsesse maria

  1. Kit tried to get Marie to talk about The Talk but Marie ignored her. Maybe she signed an NDA.

    1. I think she answers it the way she always does… Grace and Dignity following what her Mother taught her.. if you can’t say something nice…🤐🤣

  2. Ugh! Marie stop with the Botox! She has different teeth too! I loved her and Donny, grew up with them. Still love her❤️

    1. She had her lips fixed so that her gums wouldnt show anymore. I think her teeth have been capped. Her mouth is such a mess now she cant even say her words properly, and also cant sing the way she used to before she screwed up her face.

  3. wow the push to look young and you end up looking disfigured… she still has a beautiful heart!

  4. Oh I love this interview! I was privileged to know Olive, Maries mother. She was so inspiring and full of love just like Marie. What a beautiful person Marie through and through. Looking forward to her new film adventures and music. Marie Osmond, you are captivating!

  5. I had seen her show in Vegas. At that time she was introducing her creative dolls. I seen her close up and she has a heart of warmth to people…. She is soooo so pretty and respectful.

  6. Too many plastic surgeries, looks like her face doesn’t move. Her children look older than her.

  7. Enough plastic surgery! Marie is losing the look that makes her HER.. When will women just age gracefully?! We all age, let’s make peace with it.

    1. Northern Girl I agree with everything you say. She was a beautiful girl, now unfortunately she looks like a plastic doll. She doesn’t look like Marie. Please NO MORE plastic surgery!!!

    2. @Nancy Simmons Thats exactly what I saw ~ a Michael Jackson nose and she even has a picture of her hanging up which clearly shows the difference
      And she looks different and older instead of the same but older!
      She still looks nice but I dont recognize her as Marie Osmond

    3. No I agree with you she starting to remind me of Michael Jackson you look at her real good I’d like to see her real hair she had a beautiful hairI don’t care if it’s thin I would like to see the real hair

  8. My sister took us to see Marie at the pantages in the early 90’s and she was amazing! She was singing opera in Sound
    of music, we gave her several ovations👏👏

  9. OMGosh she must have gone to the same face person as LaToya and Janet Jackson go to! Geez stay out of those places and grow old gracefully. Shes such a beautiful gal without all that crap.

  10. Wow the plastic surgery is disgusting. she looks disfigured. she cant even speak correctly. so sad

  11. Marie had plastic surgery. She looks awful. She looks like the Catwoman. Marie was a natural beauty. She should have never messed with her face. She just needed to keep her weight down.

  12. Fake hair (she admits she wears wigs), fake face (plastic surgeries), lip injections, disingenuous and narcissistic personality, pounds of make up, veneers, etc. it was no mistake when the Osmond’s were discovered by 33rd degree Freemason Walt Disney to push the cult Mormonism to led people astray from the TRUE Jesus of the Bible. She’s so FAKE!!!!!


  13. Marie is just like pure sunshine magic happiness. She needs her own talk show!!! I would totes watch.

  14. .oh NO !!! No no no.. Such a beautiful face & heart she had.. No no no.. Marie !!! You looked better before those huge cheeks 🙁

  15. Those cheekbones … why, Marie? You looked so great while on The Talk.

  16. Is that Marie? Looks like a wig and over done cosmetic surgery. Yikes!

  17. She looks like Madam the puppet with her cheekbones. Lips and eyes, definitely done. Not trying to be disrespectful, but come on!

    1. You know whats funny about that? Marie did a Solid Gold Christmas episode back in the 80s with Wayland Flowers and Madame.

    2. I laughed so hard and loud at your comment, I woke the dog up! 🤣🤣 I have tears streaming down my face. 😭 I havent seen Madame in years. Oh my! Thanks for the laugh, my friend. 🤗😄

  18. I love Marie she so pretty🤟🤟🤟🥰🤩😍and so funny to me 😂🤣😅😄😆😉I love her in pink💖💝💗💓💞💕great voice 🎤Im so happy for her👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  19. Love the plastic surgery. The way they fixed her mouth she had those reseeding lips and gums when she was a kid. Look at the picture of her behind there, her teeth are like…Wow what money does. Hey I dont blame her, if I had money Id look good t👀. I was an avid fan of Donnie n Marie Osmond, The DeFrancos, and of course Michael Jackson still my favorite.

  20. I love Marie and the Osmond Family but Marie and Donny was my favorites Osmonds Shes still beautiful shes going on 61 Ill be 60 in December.

  21. I see she had plastic surgery, doesnt look like same, sad, nose favors Michael Jackson, a little ,sorry cant watch her, just like dolly Parton 😢

  22. Why do people think they look good with face lifts and plastic surgery of any kind on their face? As much as I adore her, I would have to tell her how she really looks. I say that with no dis-respect. She was lovely when she looked like herself. It is okay to grow old. Every wrinkle or line you have earned through your laughter and tears. It doesnt make you look ugly, it makes you look human with a life well lived. Embrace the honor of having that life. God Bless her!

    1. So true but all Mormons are brain washed into projecting the sappy false image. Highest suicide rate among adolescents is the result. So sad.

  23. Always loved Marie and still do. shes beautiful inside and out.

  24. My gosh! What happened to her cheek bones! Stop the plastic! Going to look like Michael!

  25. Why would I buy a marie Osmond album when I could buy Rhiana or muley Cyrus or any of these great singers, the same goes for Donny besides their accursed religiously.

  26. Lovely woman but did she have to do plastic surgery she was lovely before it so false good woman x

  27. Amazing that out of 126 comments, over 100 are about her excessive plastic surgeries and procedures. I think Ill go to her Facebook and see if people express these same concerns there when she may directly access their words.
    I absolutely agree with whats been said- its way too much and she looks fake but hope people tell that truth where she can see it, too.

  28. I love you Marie. All these people being cruel in the comments are making me feel ill right now because it is truly cruel and judgemental. Youre an amazing person Marie.

  29. I would totally watch Marie Osmonds talk show if she had one. I have always loved Marie Osmond. I used to watch the Donny and Marie show

  30. She was a gorgeous lady, I dont know why she did all that to herself. She looks fake now, like a doll. And those fingernails, how can she do anything with those things. I wear fake fingernails myself sometime, but just a little over my fingertips, and they look just as good. Dont need to be that long. But thats just me.

    1. Ive always considered long nails to look
      trashy. I dont care who you are or what designer you may be wearing. NOTE :
      the British royal family has protocol about short nails with nude colored polish. Kate looks classy !!!

  31. She used to look like her brother Donny, but now too much plastic surgery.

  32. She is more beautiful on the inside, than on the outside. Love my sweet, sweet sister.

  33. Those cheeks? Too plumped up….
    Shes a great artist. Good for her for pushing herself.

  34. So sad, she doesnt look like Marie anymore. Attention seekers are always falling for the Hollywood fix. Plastic.

  35. She’s great , but the plastic surgery, the wig, make up over load … give me a pony tail , t shirt and shorts , great skin , air in my lungs, good food, wine lol …. good to go!

    1. I thought Marie had thick long hair as a teen. Look at both sides of the album. Im Leaving It Up To You. You cant tell me, that is a wig, and she has thin hair.

  36. Yes she looks good but I like to see her real hair sometime I know she has to Wear wigs for the shows but I like to see her real hair it can’t be that bad she always had pretty hair

    1. She has thin hair. Theres a picture of her on the internet from the late 70s early 80s. She looks beautiful, but you can see how thin her hair is.

  37. I hate talk shows where the hosts kiss the guests butt. Its so boring.

  38. Marie Osmond is bad for diabetics. She is high in sappy sugary sweetness. The post child for Mormons.

  39. Wow she’s doesn’t look like herself anymore with all the Plastic surgery she been getting, yes she does look like a wax doll .

  40. Marie is so beautiful.she seems such a lovely person.i have been an osmond fan for 50

  41. Oh boy. She just doesnt look like Marie with all shes had done. Honey, I love your talent, your passion and your beautiful heart. I will love you forever no matter what, but please … stop.

    1. Youre not going to look like the same person when you were younger anyway.

    2. I think about the comment about age not limiting women. As it was being said I looked at the cosmetic enhancements. The truth is most women are still limited because our wisdom and experience are superficially/ cosmetically judged.

    3. Why should she stop? It’s her life and she can do as she pleases. That’s the problem with society, always quick to point out the flaws. Why don’t we celebrate each other! God bless.

  42. She looks pretty good, great hairstyle for her. I hope she stops with the plastic surgery, especially around her nose and eyes. Her laugh is so hearty and genuine, I think she is a really super nice person. Ive loved her and Donny since I was 5 yrs ago!!

    1. @Kimberly Jenkins I think she purposely waited until both of her parents passed to mess up her face.

    2. @Alice Roe She most certainly did have plastic surgery! That is not her mouth, not her smile. She had her lips fixed so that her gums would no longer show. She had her teeth done – capped, I think. Its entirely possible she had either implants or fillers of some kind put in her cheeks. She cant even say or sing her words properly because of the way she screwed up her mouth. She looks as freakish as Michael Jackson did. I noticed how she waited to get all this crap done after both of her parents passed away. Also, Marie even admitted in one of her books that her hair is naturally thin. She said shes always wished that she had thick, full hair like her brothers. Theres a picture that can be found on the internet of her in the late 70s early 80s that shows just how thin her hair is. Marie looks beautiful in the picture, but you can tell she has thin hair. Sadly, it looks like mine.🙃

    3. @Alice Roe Yeah she has! She looks like Michael Jackson. Nobody outside Utah would believe she she is not 90% silicone and fillers.

    4. She doesn’t look like she use to look . Too much plastic surgery.

  43. If age shouldnt defined us, then why are soooo many women running from it……example….they lie about their age, alter their looks, try to dress as though theyre years younger than they really are. Why isnt Love God, be grateful for your very life, encourage others that God puts in your path each day…..

  44. Her face looks so much like a lot of work was done. There is nothing natural about her.

    1. People with money thats what they do they do cosmetic procedures all the time

    2. Its sad that the numerous procedures both she and Donny have had over the past several years have altered those youthful, unique good looks that both of them possessed. Been a fan for over 50 years and met them and their family on several occasions back in the early 1970s, and I can attest that although the brothers were all really handsome, both Donny and Marie possessed beauty on almost another level. That said, in my opinion, the entire Osmond family deserves some sort of recognition, via a vehicle such as The Kennedy Center Honors, for their lifelong contribution to American popular music. Their talent and appeal spans generations. And they are some of the warmest, most genuine humans you will ever meet!

  45. 😲Wow. She has become the lion lady. Like the woman who had tons of surgeries to look like a lion. Congrats Marie. You have made yourself grotesque! 😳

    1. Wow shes had a ton of plastic surgery look at that nose she looks like a plastic barbie whsst a shame she was sucvh a pretty girl…

  46. At one time Marie was engaged to a man named Jeff Crayton (the engagement was called off.) I read years ago that she met him at BYU. He enrolled in her typing class just to be near her.


  48. Marie, Honey, stop with the plastic surgery!! Your nose is beginning to look like MJs. Not a good look.

  49. Marie is crazy she shops at retail shops around Orem Utah & shes rude & wants retail workers to be her personal shopper while shes rude to them the whole time shes in the store. Her bro. Alan is the same way he actually tries to get retail workers in trouble with managers & says they stole his credit card & hes so entitled. This family is not nice like they come on tv acting.

    1. @B squared Tough and rude are two very different things. I grew up with them also, I love Donnie and his wife. Marie is an entirely different story.

    2. Truth. She pushed my sister and said “get out of the way little girl” at the jewelry counter.

    3. I am from Provo Utah… personally know the Osmond Family.
      My brother went out with Marie but found it difficult having the brothers with them everywhere they went. I am so happy Steve and Marie found their way back to each other and are happy.

      Donny’s wife is a few years younger and graduated from same high school. Debbie and Donny are a wonderful couple.
      We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I love the family.

    4. I know Marie and do not believe that about her at all. Be nice people. She gives so much to so many.

  50. Thank you Marie Osmond for singing again and i will be sure to get the music when it comes out!!!!!!! I hope all your family are doing allright and being safe and well!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!

  51. Not liking her facelift its a pity she is not growing naturally old !!!

  52. Age shouldnt define you, as a woman. Too comical, maybe she should say that to her face, too many surgeries, almost frightening. Looks as though Mario has done something as well.

  53. she no longer looks like marie osmond. she looks like a young joan rivers. must be using the same surgeon. pity. she was beautiful and would have aged so.

  54. Marie is such an intelligent beautiful woman!!!! My Husband still has a MAD Crush on her but I can see why. ❤️

  55. Age is just a number LoL Plastic surgery covers the wrinkles and time. Wigs and makeup, fake hair color, nails. She definitely sold out. I’m bet the gd she serves colds
    C/ church
    O/ of
    D/ day
    S/ saints
    Only for a certain group, sealed for satan for eternity. Money 💰 gd

  56. Girl you look like the wax figure of yourself. Stop with the fillers already.

    1. Sadly , it would appear that a great deal more than the fillers is going on.
      And the ever present wig. God, help us.


  58. Empty-nesters I dont understand that because they hardly ever saw their children they were 24/7 okay explain that one to me empty nester wow

  59. Mario please stop touching that gorgeous face of yours you’re starting to look waxy

    1. He is a gorgeous man he didn’t need any of that mess. He’s starting to look like a wax figure

    2. Male celebrities vet pressure too. I am all for maintaining your looks, appearance counts, but some take it too far.

    3. @longbranch11207 Mario definitely needs to stop the plastic surgery 😳, Can we please see Marie’s t-shirt?

  60. I like Marie, but the plastic surgery and makeup is overdone. She would look so much better being more natural. She doesn’t need all that crap.

  61. Her new album sounds fabulous!! Its wonderful her career is going strong. PS Women in show business are under tremendous pressure to look a certain way. If she didnt have procedures, shed be criticized for looking old. Women really cant win.

    1. Shes admitted that shes always been insecure about her looks. Too bad. Before she messed up her face I thought she was absolutely gorgeous.

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