Hvordan man snyder spilleautomater på en computer

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172 Replies to “Hvordan man snyder spilleautomater på en computer

  1. Thank you VWestlife, Ive been looking for this very type of solution when I realized floppies dont use 40-pin IDE connectors…but 34-pin Floppy connectors instead. I might buy two of these. One to use in my new computer, and another to mess around with to see if the design could be improved upon.

  2. Well, on the back it said Studio Slim, i guess that is a hint for the name

  3. Do you have a fancy modern pc or do you only use older out dated computer?

    1. My most powerful PC is a Quad Core i5, but for editing video I use a Core 2 Duo laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

  4. there was a hack back in the day to turn a 720k disk into a 1.4m, a tool to cut a notch in bottom case but reliability was bad, certainly would not put valuable data on it

    1. To facilitate data transfer with older computers, and to provide access to programs and data I have stored on floppy disks.

  5. I had an inspirion version of this. Had an Athlon 64 x2 and 2 gb of ram, along with an ATI Radeon X1600 card, and the bay was populated with a card reader that i salvaged for my build

  6. Is that floppy adapter just an ide adapter or is it different, I have an ide adapter for a 3.5 inch HDD but I dont know if that would work or not.

    1. @MarkTheMorose
      I have an LS120 drive, but Ive never seen one with a black faceplate.

    2. +vwestlife
      Amongst my modest collection of technological cast-offs and also-rans, I have an LS120 drive which is connected by IDE, and another parallel port model. Have you used one of those? They read and write 720k and 1.44MB floppies, as well as their own 120MB superfloppies. They briefly competed with the 100MB Zip drive, and I understand that the laser servo technology was examined but rejected by Iomega before they came up with the Zip.

    3. No, floppy drives do not use IDE. IDE is 40 pin, the floppy drive connector is 34 pin. Theyre completely different.

    1. +Morahman7vnNo2 I 100 % agree (my phone is 4 years old, I just turn it off at night

    2. Dont worry about it. Why the fuck do people need heat sinks and LEDs on their RAM!? Why do people spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone just to do the same exact thing theyve always done on their phone? (text, instagram, twitter).

    3. Maybe to get games and old software onto a new computer for backup and for historical purposes. How the hell else are you supposed to get the data off of a floppy if you dont have a floppy drive??

  7. Im really glad Im not the only one whos doing this. Ive mounted an old floppy drive in my case, but I still need to connect it to power and usb.

  8. Shame about the lack of 720k support. I have an external USB floppy drive which, from memory, is happy to at least read 720k disks. I think I recall using it a couple of times to put ADF images on a disk to copy to an Amiga.
    The 3 dislikes for this video: youngsters who dont believe floppy disks ever existed, and think the video is a late April 1st prank?

  9. I didnt realize how much all my favorite old tech channels knew about each other. Nice EEVblog reference!

  10. Is there any kind of ATA to IDE convertor cable? Just curious. So I dont have to use a hammer on my computer again.

    1. @vwestlife Oh, I see now. Thanks for having the patience for me! 😀
      The external floppy drive isnt that bad idea after all.

    2. @*****
      As Ive said before, floppy drives do not use IDE! The connectors may be similar, but the 34-pin floppy interface and 40-pin IDE interface are *COMPLETELY* different.

    3. +vwestlife I know, Ive meant an adapter for transfering the IDE for Floppy drives into IDE for CD drives and so fourth.
      If you know what I mean.

    4. @***** I still dont know what you mean, because IDE and ATA are two names for the same thing. The 80-conductor cables were introduced with EIDE (Enhanced IDE) to allow higher data transfer rates, but is not necessary for the drive to work.

    5. +vwestlife Ehh, I dont know anymore. Ill just stick to CD-ROMs.
      (Thanks for the right info, though. If you know the answer to the conversion thing, could you tell me, please?)

  11. for the few times a floppy drive is used nowadays, why not just use an external USB floppy drive? I picked up a Toshiba USB floppy drive on ebay a few years ago for $10. A Gotek will also do the same job.

    1. I explained my reasoning for wanting an internal floppy drive in the video.

  12. If you had cut the extension cable from the other end you would have had a lot more wiggle room.

  13. Cool man. I would recommend buying external usb floppy drive. I bought it for 7 pounds + 1 pound shipping from china.

    1. VWestlife Well its still a great video. Keep up the good work 😉

    2. But I dont want an external drive. I want an internal one. Thats the whole point of this video!

    1. Did you get them? did they work?
      They dont send it to Argentina.

  14. will i be able to get all my information off of an old floppy with this?

  15. It will be cool to do this with 5.25, but this do not support this as you mentioned

  16. That’s a really decent spec computer with the floppy drive.

  17. whats the easiest way I can format 720k floppies? Just buy a 720k drive and use that?

    1. Just use IBM PC DOS 2000, because FreeDOS is a RAM hog, and on an XT class system like the Model 25 you need every kilobyte of free RAM you can get!

    2. Awesome, thanks! I can definitely manage that. Im going to make a copy of FreeDOS lite and use it to play around with my IBM Model 25.

    3. Some USB floppy drives and all real internal 1.44 MB floppy drives work perfectly fine with 720K disks. To format a 720K disk in Windows XP or newer, use the command FORMAT A: /T:80 /N:9

  18. That cards expensive… You can buy external USB floppy drives from around $13 up to around $20 from sites like dx.com , just enter in that sites search box SKU: 271810 or SKU: 428709 or SKU: 23557

    1. Fair enough, but still interested if a typical USB floppy drive can be used to boot from – anyone know?

    2. That would look like crap, whereas this one looks like a regular internal floppy drive.

    3. Understood, but if you use the included USB connection and modify the faceplate to make it internal would it allow booting?

    4. Most external floppy drives do not use a standard drive anymore, they use slimline laptop-style drives which use a proprietary connector.

  19. Is the internal floppy drive to USB adapter still for sale? I checked on eBay and it said it was discontinued on 12 June 2016 and I cant find it anywhere else. Do you know where I could get one?

  20. What if you use an old LS-120 SuperDisk Drive with an IDE/SATA bridge? It can read and write 1.44mb and 720kb floppys

    1. I bought one of these and tried to use a PATA-SATA converter but havent got it to work yet. I think it needs special drivers because it doesnt show up in Windows.

  21. I used the same thing from that seller in my IBM NetVista rebuild to continue using the floppy disk it came with the computer, on a count the face plate has one of the floppy openings that nothing other then a floppy can be in it.

  22. By the way. You may want to update the description. The exact same seller from Hong Kong put up another listing:

  23. The Parameters not supported is a bug between the Windows built-in formatting tool and 720K floppies over USB. If you use a third party tool, such as MaxFormat, you should have no trouble formatting a 720K floppy with your setup.

  24. I was wondering if these internal real floppy drives even use the 12v supply (yellow wire), because the controller doesnt even have a 12v input, just usb

  25. This is pretty cool. I wasnt aware that such a thing existed.

  26. I think they put it in British Pounds since Hong Kong used to be a British colony

  27. thats really cool . kinda pain but I honestly think they should just put the connection on the board just in case people want a floppy drive

    1. +uxwbill I know exactly what you mean. heck my old motherboard died out from a faulty power supply. dynex best buy brand is not exactly great. but anyways that had a floppy. so friend of mine gave me a desktop computer build he did with dual boot system just didnt have floppy I used mine and Im glad I did especially with stuff I like to use . uses floppy

    2. +Matthew N They *should*, since the I/O controllers used on modern motherboards usually still include floppy drive controller logic. The reason they dont is probably a result of cost versus benefit: a lot of people arent ever going to notice that its gone. Even if it costs a penny, that still adds up.

  28. My Windows 8 laptop along with a USB external floppy disk drive cannot format a 720k disk. It can format the 1.44MB ones no problem, and can read/write to the 720k ones, just not format. I have to format them on an old IBM which has the floppy drive built in.

  29. Try searching 34 pin USB to Floppy drive connector adapter lead cable on Ebay. Lots of listings.

  30. Thank you for review. The connector does not support *formatting* DD diskettes as you stated clearly in the video, but can it read such diskettes? I mean if I already have a 720KB disk and insert into the drive, then will I be able to read it in Windows using this connector?

  31. Lucky i still have my old computer with 5.25 and 3.5 disk drives working.

  32. Nice job! Soon well have to do this with CD ROM drives, since a lot of computers no longer come with one. I had to buy a mini SATA to USB adapter with a CD ROM drive I took out of an old laptop. My laptop does have a delete plate and a space for a CD ROM drive, but the one I have was too thick to fit. Hey, all those unused USB connectors inside your computer might come in handy… you should connect those up and install the USB ports on one of the expansion slots, you never know when youll need more USB ports eh?

  33. WOW finally. I was looking for that kind of equipment since… well idk since i couldnt connect a floppy drive on my mainboard anymore 😀 thx

  34. Of course, I find this video 1 day *after* buying an external USB 3 1/2 floppy drive for the purpose of installing it in a case for a standard legacy 3 1/2 drive… Ah well. Live and learn!

  35. I have 3.5 inch 512 mb floppy disks could I use those with the converter?

    1. +vwestlife I must have read my floppy disk wrong I problem was looking a dvd

  36. That FDD cable with a socket is from an Iomega Ditto QIC-style tape drive. I have one and can confirm its designed to let you use 2 FDDs and a Ditto at the same time.

  37. you know, i should be that person that slaps a floppy controller onto a pcie 1x card

  38. Did you keep that Dell Studio computer? Is it still being used today?

    1. It didnt take long to find that when searching Super MS-DOS 7.10 boot disk (exactly what the label of the disk I showed in the video said).

  39. MItsumi still makes USB internal floppy disk drives with built-in card readers…they used to be quite expensive.

    1. On those, only the card reader uses USB. The floppy drive part uses the traditional 34-pin ribbon cable, requiring a floppy drive controller.

  40. So many adapters and converters just to add a floppy drive, just another reason older PCs are better.

  41. Instead board, direct purchase an external floppy disk drive with USB.connector. allmost at the same price

    1. But I wanted an internal floppy drive — thats the whole point of the video!

  42. Now thats something Ive been hoping someone would make for a *long* time!

    (Results of the 720K format failure are making me curious if there is 2.88MB diskette/drive support, though the numbers seem a bit high.)

    1. @Área Gaming There are both!
      The 2.88 MB are extremely rare these days however!

    2. Hey uxwbill hehe… Merry Xmas. Im looking to go retro and looking to get. 5.25 inch drive. I had sooo many computers with all this retro tech and I got rid of all it when moving out office back in 2004-2005. Now its hard to find some of that stuff and nostalgia is strong … Haha. I did get a 3.5 inch floppy

    3. I think its just cost cutting to the highest degree. At least I still have serial and parallel headers!

    4. +MarkTheMorose Such commentary is meant to be humorous in nature.

      (That said, I do wish that modern motherboards would bring out the logic to a connector since it already exists in just about every LPCIO in use. Theres no good reason at all why someone shouldnt be able to use a floppy drive in their brand new system if they want to.)

  43. This thing is awesome. it would be better if it had 720k support, and a 90 degree connector on it. I was shocked to see you could boot from it as well.

  44. Where could I find an image of the super MS-DOS 7.10 bootdisk with NTFS/USB support?

    1. @Horacio Del Ré pretty sure I’ve actually found it by now since it’s a year old comment but ok thanks lol

  45. I tried it on my sleeper pc! It has an internal floppy drive courtesy of an identical system that I got the bezel and floppy drive out of.

    1. To facilitate data transfer with older computers, and to provide access to a significant collection of software and personal files that I have on floppy disks.

  46. To anyone looking for this converter:
    The original listing expired in January 2017, but I found another seller:

    Keep it mind it may disappear again and it doesnt ship to all countries. Sadly it doesnt ship to Italy, which is where I live, but Ill try contacting the seller…

  47. I bought a couple of DELL FDDM-101 internal laptop floppy drives, which also feature their own integral USB interface and port for external use. The good thing about this is it can handle both 720KB and 1.44MB disks, whereas all the other competing drives only do 1.44MB. They only cost me about £1 + P&P each from Ebay, and they still are if you look carefully.

  48. I bought 3 of these and all of them kept crashing, they just sopped recognising the drive after a couple of disc swaps.

    1. +vwestlife Ive never seen one. I dont know if 720K floppies work on there either: I dont have media to test with.

    2. But I dont think they ever made an internal LS120 drive with a black faceplate.

    1. +vwestlife your probably right, you like to tinker and find a work around but why reinvent the wheel.

  49. Finally this computer became a regular modern computer like you said in your Zenith Easy PC video 🙂

  50. Thank goodness someone found a solution to this. Ive been wanting to make a sleeper PC but wanted the floppy drive to be functional

  51. I presume this controllers limitations wont stop you from doing the old trick of drilling out 720K disks and formatting them as 1.44MB?

    1. @spankmeister 3.5 HD and DD disks have slightly different magnetic coercivity so mixing up the formats always results in some unreliability.

    2. @vwestlife BTW, can you not do the reverse? tape up the hole on an HD floppy then format it as a 720K disk for use in older, DD-only machines?

    3. @vwestlife Ok I promise I wont do that. 😀 Plenty of HD floppies around anyway. But I remember doing that as a kid.

    4. Please do not do that trick. Not only because its not as reliable as using a real 1.44 MB disk, but also because 720K disks are getting hard to find, so please save them for the vintage computers which use them.

    1. +vwestlife you can make and edit disk images using WinImage but I still dont understand why nobody makes an universal floopy disk emulator that can be plugged anywhere and just work

    2. Thats only for reading and writing entire disk images. Its notlike a regular floppy drive where you can copy individual files or boot from a floppy disk.

  52. of all the searching on ebay Ive done for a product like this… amazing.
    Ill have to grab one when I have the money to get it, and subsequently see what the deal is with the board. looks like there should be a capacitor by the floppy power cable thats not populated, amongst other things.

    do you perchance have the model number on the board itself? from the listing Im seeing USB_FDD81306? and another number on the opposite side on the second image.

  53. Do you know any sites that could possibly sell a thinkpad 760xl HDD caddy and is able to ship worldwide? Those bloody caddys are rarer than a Bengal tiger. If you have any other ideas i could try i would appreciate it. The old drive was destroyed possibly because it was used at a power station here in the UK

    1. @CPPRODUCTIONS1001 With a lot of laptops you dont need the caddy at all, since you can just put the bare drive in the open slot.

      With a ThinkPad 760XL things are probably going to be difficult…

      If youre handy with a soldering iron, you could possibly make your own adapter to connect the drive, then rig something to make it mechanically sound.

    2. @MrMaguire I Know right! But to be fair the caddy is an encased unit for this model which would require tools to open. He probably just couldnt be bothered. I wonder can i run it without one? It has a floppy drive which works as far as i know

    3. +CPPRODUCTIONS1001 Thats what I really dislike about the data paranoia you get nowadays. The sellers always destroy the hard drive _with_ its caddy.

    4. @vwestlife Yeah like i said they are rare and i have only seen one which i lost. There used to be stock on PCHUB but that requires others to donate them.

  54. If you want or need to use ancient technology, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  55. Is there anywhere you can buy a converter that converts SATA to USB so you can put usb directly into computer?

    1. @***** I want so i can like, have a usb storage directly connected to the motorboard via SATA cable.
      So like the usb is a input and sata is output

    2. +Jeppe JCP What are you trying to do?

      A lot of the USB<>SATA bridges *will* pass power to an attached drive if they can. Laptop drives will generally spin up and run just fine from the power available over USB. Desktop drives cant: not only do they demand far more current than is available, they also need 12 volts.

    3. +vwestlife When Im looking for it, it comes up with SATA+Power > USB, theres no just like USB > SATA…

  56. Good Adapter but i need this for an internal USB Plug. Why i should use those Adapters for an external USB Plug? It makes no sense :O

  57. In the past ive thought about adding a floppy drive to my desktop PC, but im not sure if it would actually be worth doing, and also there is an SD card reader installed into the 3 1/2 inch slot (my PC has 3x 5 1/4 inch slots and 1x 3 1/2 inch slot, 2 of the 5 1/4 inch slots have optical drives installed in them, meaning there is a spare 5 1/4 inch slot, so in theory i could either get an adapter and install a floppy drive into that slot, or move the SD card reader up into that slot)

  58. THANK YOU!!!! Ive been looking for something like this for such a long time!

  59. Finally, someone made this… Ive been waiting for a converter to replace my shitty USB floppy drives for a LONG time.

  60. 98.1, huh? Wonder if thats WOGL or a different 98.1. Youre in New Jersey, for all I know New Jersey gets WOGL on the radio too.

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