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  1. They did not dig up casings. Casings are ejected shells ejected from the gun. They dug up the projectiles. Idiots

  2. Well done guys absolutely fantastic.cant wait to get to Graceland 2019 .thank you so much for sharing this wonderful edited video.

  3. He and I went to different schools together and one time I went upstairs to the basement, and saw that the guy who invented the hoolahoop had put a yellow elephant with blue Suede Shoes in the bathroom where he died I dont know why people do such things so they can say they met or knew someone 🤔 no more LSD for the parakeets!

  4. 1977 I was eighteen years old when Elvis passed. In October of the same year i composed a song THE KING IS GONE and recorded this song on my first Album. The album was called ☆WITHOUT YOU☆. Muscians on the album was William Story and Jon Lindsay. The rest is History.

  5. This was frustrating to watch. The guy didnt know anything about Elvis. No interest in the rooms etc, no clue what each thing was or history. Fucking hell.

  6. I am sure you already know this, but yes some of the displays of furniture are from upstairs, specifically lisa bedroom furniture, and the office desk with that dog statue…

  7. That is a nice tour. We are going to check it out in October. I’m very excited!
    Your Mom and your Family are very sweet. You are a great film maker. Thank ya!

  8. Hi i am Jessica Verburg from the Netherland Holland Europa and i am a great Elvis and Lisa marie Presley family fan cince the year off 1974 and i missing them very much and God bless all of them Amen. And i am proud to be a member off the Presley fanclub foundation. And i change mine name in Jessica Marie Presley becauce the Presley becauce the Presley family is also mine family always and forever together..

  9. My grandma visited Graceland in 1980s and had her pic taken with his pink Cadillac. Great video but disappointed how they turned into amusement park so to speak. thanks for sharing

  10. Roll on the elvis gravy train ,
    Lotta people Gettn rich of a guy who sang well ,

  11. Thank you for your video tour! I had no idea what to expect , as far as riding the buses, and the commercialism. But the house tour was interesting! You are very respectful young men.

  12. I would love to go to one of those tours but I have never been to Graceland before but I will go one day

  13. In the basement are 2 rooms.the pool room & the TV room.
    Behind the main building is Vernons office.The plaque in the Trophy building is from 50 organizations thanking Elvis for his chariry work

  14. That shit around the outside is not his house wtf not real at all

  15. I love elvis,when u would see when left the building girls went wild…he was the true idol

  16. is this original ? meaning would this been exactly as Elvis left it ?

    1. Not really sure. I would imagine they have changed some things around.

  17. Its sad how Priscilla says she does this for Elvis .in all honesty she uses the kings home for her own greed .Elvis would never charge his fans to walk around

    1. I believe when Elvis died that there wasnt a lot of money left. Priscilla became the executour following the death of Elviss dad, 2 years after Elvis. She did what she did to save Graceland..and so that there was an inheritance for their daughter..Lisa Marie! I personally think she did a good thing for everyone…and kept Elviss memory alive!

    2. They have to make money for the upkeep of the house and the land . Are you an idiot or what? You knew Elvis right?

  18. I had no idea it was like this. Purpose built boarding buildings,, buses etc. I imagined visitors parked around sts. carparks & entered through front musical gates. Paid on entry. Only being honest.

  19. Thanks or the tour, you made it fun when you lifted the plane heheh…I hope to visit it one day. Thanks for sharing. ♥ =)

  20. Crazy part is the house is not really spectacular so to speak but it was elvis and you can tell thru every inch of the house

  21. From other videos I saw his father’s house had similar monitors and phones I believe one of those red phones might have been a line to communicate with his father at his house he had with his 2nd wife watch the video of the tour of his fathers home

  22. The yellow room was called the TV room!! Thats the pool room! You should know what the rooms were called before narrating!!

  23. Dont like what they done to Graceland seems empty now that they move across the road with all his things now its just a home I have gone to Graceland about 30 times and since my last visit was my last its not the same

  24. Thank you very much for likeing mine story. About mine family the Elvis and Lisa marie Presley family.

  25. Elvis was a true American! Appreciated in the 2nd amendment, a Christian, and most importantly a blessed man. There will never be another like him. Thank you for your post ❤️

  26. Did they let you see the porcelain throne the king died on?

  27. hey man do ya think that elvis might be upstairs…LOL Nice tour though

  28. But hello ive BEEN there! He was murdered!!! He was A FUCKING SAINT! 🌹God💋🙋 yall r adorable. 🙂 ty

  29. WoW! How exciting. 👍
    Would love to visit there, so much history. Greetings from Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 🌏

  30. No I’m not the first king of controversy, I am the worse thing since Elvis Presley to do black music so selfishly! And use it to get myself wealthy!

  31. Why wont they let you film inside the home and the plains? But you can take still pictures whats the difference? Did they ever explain why

  32. Graceland gets better every year with more displays! They also made a new hotel that is beautiful.

  33. Im from canada and I have had a dream to go Im 28 my papa told me he got to go what a dream some day

  34. I enjoyed living here with dad and mom as a child. Still my home. Its named by dad after mom and I.

  35. Elvis Presley is alive and faked his own death theres lots of evidence

  36. what is the best ticket to visit everything? l am planing to go for my 40 birthday?

    1. if you would have got the other tickets you would of seen the best of him!

  37. Excellent tour. Believe it or not, they have changed several things since the 1980s when I went. The cars were actually still on the main grounds under an awning. They are not kept in a climate controlled room. The main house was naturally the same, but you can see a lot of changes to the grounds and even the surrounding properties.

    True story – I live in Texarkana and know a lady who was around when Elvis would perform in Texarkana, Arkansas. She said that one night after a performance they were walking down Broad Street with Elvis and a Cadillac went by. Elvis said to the group, Im going to have me one of those someday and its going to be pink. My friend said she responded, No you aint…while she was telling the story after saying No you aint she looked up and smiled and said to me, …Ill be damned if he didnt get one!

    Also, Elvis was not buried originally on the grounds. He was buried near his mother in Forest Hill Cemetary. He and his family were moved after someone attempted to steal his body from the grave. A lot of cool history.

  38. Everything around his house needs to be Bombed , its like the slums of Africa around there.

  39. Stop making , ANYTHING on utube, your not good at it, Elvis deserves much more recondition as one of the best enterainers on this planet , YOU DISTROYED THAT.

  40. I dont know what I thought about fans getting through the gates of Graceland, but Id never imagined buses! How else. What a super documentary! Graceland mansion is huge, but the grounds just keep on going and going. 4 hours! And the crowds!It was like an international airport. Thanks guys. Its the closest Ill get.

  41. Thanks for taking the time making this video. I am in the UK and considering a trip to memphis to check out graceland and other elvis locations etc. What is the best time of year to visit for nice dry weather? Been looking on airbnb for accomadation, any particular areas to stay clear of or areas you would recommend? 🙂

  42. It was an ice cream bar. Also Pepsi was stocked there. Elvis drank Mountain Valley spring water. The water comes in glass dark green bottles, that’s why alit of people thought he was drinking beer.

  43. when I went there I thought they said the ghost of Elvis or something still lives up there

  44. Graceland was such a disappointment, as a young teen,in 1985, I expected more!👎

  45. Just come back from Graceland beautiful but I really dont think Elvis is dead reason being his bedroom window has got a camera none of the other windows have got them only Elvis

  46. My Birthday gift from my two sons, Adam and Marshall plus my husband, Billy, was THE ABSOLUTE BEST ONE. I will never forget THAT day!!!! 💙💙💙💜💜💜 Thank you, my darlings!!!

    I hope everyone has enjoyed and will enjoy viewing this. 😊

    1. I just randomly thought about treating myself to it for the 30th bday next year.🤗

    2. Ive just got back from America to Uk and I had to write this song about the Kindness of the King of Rock and Roll. I hope you like it and share with your friends and all Elvis Fans. I also hope Elvis is listening. Kind Regards Derek


  48. Heres how you get introduced to Graceland in 2020:

    Be treated like cattle. Walk through cattle chutes for 45 minutes while waiting for the privilige of being driven across the street. Be herded as if you were sheep. Be treated as if you were a commodity… as if you were to be shorn.

    Follow the instructions of sullen eigtteen year olds or get chewed out. Be handed an umbrella at the end because its raining and your cattle car is not ready (I mean, shuttle) and stand there for a half hour watching people cut in line in front of you on your way back.


    Thanks, Priscilla! Dont spend the $48.50 that I paid to be herded as if I were steer, in one place!

  49. Yeah he wasnt a drinker so they would make milkshakes, and sodas….its a good thing he didnt drink, apart from special occasions…because he took so many pills he probably would have died even younger…

  50. That was great, thanks for sharing. I live in Australia and will never get to America to see Graceland, but thanks to you I got the virtual tour. God bless you and your family 🤗

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