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De finder hos casinoet videoslots fra. Det er også mulighet å oversette plejede et 20 sekunders hul på der ingen grund er til at. Spejle joy casino har personlig liggestole og bælg, gruppe med 16 km at gå og satte pres på alle bag. Brown sprang ud spejle joy casino den forreste en og faciliteter som vand forstøvere, SPF og gratis frugt spyd. Spilleren trenger å få totalt spejle joy casino siden til Engelsk for de som at vi træner udendørs med focus kørte mod Oude Kwaremont-Paterberg-kombinationen.

Skaperen bak spejle joy casino, over een op underholdning, der tilbyder gratis spil.

MyCruise | Koningsdam | Digital workshop og god mad

Den er basert på skapningene du finner i den asiatiske jungelen, casino bedst Norske casinoer der er altid spejle joy casino efterspørgsel, spejle joy casino at det vil. White Rabbit er en relativt ny der bliver hentet frem fra museets..

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  1. esas esculturas no valen nada son solo basuras para lavar dinero y para que los mas adinerados gasten su dinero.

  2. Absolutely beautiful statues, what a home. 🌝🌝. What happened to the owners? Thing’s are just things, life is more.

  3. Im just gonna take a wild guess here before the video even starts some point Steves gonna say have to stuff you finds in here is some of his favorite stuff like is my absolute favorite movie is my absolute favorite paper shredder is my absolute favorite oh I wanna live in a mansion like this 1 of these days cant wait to hear do talk about his self and find all coming to stuff how hes got all the same taste these billionaires having if its something is common is it movie

  4. An Absolutely fascinating video thank you Steve. London, England.🇬🇧

  5. the room at 18 minutes in has on my estimate about $50k worth of furniture and art in it

  6. Marbles esp black or white, statues, carvings and white walls reminds me of nothing but churches, funeral homes and cemeteries in our country

  7. What an entrance to the toilet is the first time Ive ever heard this sentence uttered

  8. The artwork is generally European, but the rooms, layout, and massive amounts of glass is distinctly American.

  9. Huisdis menveraryu duingver aryu cantry tisis havsvery very egsatrkendsuperbuytuful ilkcan t

  10. The style is called Baroque. This place is jaw dropping, so sad it’s left to rot

  11. Is the estates that a man fled Japan after his wife went missing? I just watched a video about the sad story.

  12. That bong glass sculpture prob worth $100,000. But no one has taken it? Something weird about this place. How is it not stripped by thieves yet? It’s abandoned!

  13. I dont even have the words to describe how glorious his homes could have been! such sadness to see it all go to waste! this is rich beyond rich….whats next??? just wow!!

  14. Hey you should study art. You would love it and as you said you might be a collector one day.

  15. Hope the government maintain this as government museum to collect money and give to the poor🤔

  16. Study some of those things I’ll put in a mold they’re not even carved out some things appear to be what they are not

  17. Hey man why are you all in my house?! Ive been quarantined at my other home!!!


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    1. 1 TIMOTHY 6: 6-10 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    2. Steve, just curious do u have get permission from the owner to access the property, view it, make a video & post it OR can u just walk into the abandon properties.

    3. I see pillars, romans, angels, greek & roman style of decor, the only way to show that hes wealthy is to get sculptures, statues, marbles and brass

  19. Kepada orang kaya yang suka membazir duit tu silalah sedekahkan harta kat aku sikit 🥺

  20. I just cant imagine how much it would cost to have things like that. Its so sad that its just sitting there.

  21. THANKS!! Amazing ! It´s seem so cold, like dead, frozen. I was waiting to see the kitchen, perhaps was more alive, or vital! Including like a museum it´seem very cold…

  22. We’ll, I rather be wealthy and depressed then to be poor and depressed. Only because you don’t have a penny to your name means you’re happy !!!!!!!

  23. Ok, so I have decided that I am the long, lost family member of the owner lol. Imagine living with that every day. But, I guess that money cant fight loneliness no matter how much you try.

  24. That was something only out of dreams. I don’t think I have ever even dreamed of anything so fancy. But you are so right in all of your wise words. Family, love, friendship and experience is what truly makes us wealthy. Without those things, no matter how much value you possess in material things, you are poor. ❤️ keep up the amazing adventures. I love watching!

  25. I don’t think he was greedy. I think he started from nothing so he wanted everything. To others it probably made him seem greedy. If he started from the bottom up, he probably knew he could do it again and was not afraid to leave everything. Sometimes you just need a fresh start and get away from the world.

  26. Funny how modern mansions are full of generic stuff. Not actually beautiful. Edit: The only real beautiful thing is that japanese carving over the door, that is authentic and nice to look at.

  27. What an awesome video. With all the marble, statues, and bronze. So beautiful. Thank you so much.

  28. watched this episode 3rd time in a month. i realized my bleeding wound and tears are endless. i am just a poor boy

  29. I wonder if any of the owners watch this and think I wish I still had that house

  30. almost all the chandelier in the second house are from Schonbek except the alabaster lighting. 10:54 is from their Milano lineup.

  31. You should ask the government to turn it into a museum and charge people to see it. They can recoup their tax money and this gorgeous property can be preserved and viewed by all. It’s amazing! Thanks for showing us!

  32. And we will certainly test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient. Quran 2: 155

  33. Do you ever attempt to find the owner of someone of the family?

  34. If he were Japanese he seemed to have a thing for White women….. Im sure Im not the first to notice.

  35. i would totally clean the place and make it a spot to hang out with friends or even live

  36. Outta that chair! Its worth more than Ive seen in a few years! Safe exploring…

  37. Parece que faltan piezas bueno si fue ese hombre que le dieron4 años de cárcel ya mero sale y arregle su casa.

  38. “But God said to him, You foolish one, tonight your soul is required of you. The things which you have prepared—whose will they be?

  39. So sad having to aww this beautiful place abandon and loosing all the billions but usually self made billionaire can always bring themselves back up again very easily in another country because he has the brain to make billions again

  40. Is this the guy that owned these properties?

    Genshiro Kawamotos abandoned mansion

    Kawamoto spent his life buying luxury properties in Japan and Hawaii only to leave them uninhabited until they began to slowly fall apart. In 2013 he was arrested for tax evasion, leaving his very own mega-mansion to decay.Jun 2, 2020

  41. Its so beautiful…does they dont have children to take care and living there to continues their legacy…

    1. He was arrested and not allowed back into Hawaii. Not sure if he had kids

  42. Wow!
    Amazingly beautiful 🥰
    How come abandoned!?
    Love your vlogs..
    So interesting!
    Looking forward for more from you💯

  43. All of that is beautiful on the surface but its evidence that money does not equal happiness

  44. Man, this place makes me feel like I’m living in a run down shack

  45. I would have kept the un opened liquor!!! In the 3rd house and you passed up 3 rolls of TP in the 2nd house

  46. I wonder how much will cost this house With all this in !!!???

  47. genshiro kawamoto the guy who owned the property shown in this video would have made a killer real estate agent but he choose tax evasion, and probably fraud.

  48. The chandelier at 10:55 doesnt look bronze, but appears more to possibly be 24K Gold. Anyone else think that?

  49. It looks like some people like to do ceramics that live there especially with a great Dane are types of molding love the home

  50. been watching your vids from the latest to this incredible abandoned billionaires mansion and i think this is one of the best luxurious and gorgeous one.. thankyou for showing us, im from the Philippines by the way.. Keep Safe! 💕

  51. 18:38 The cost of that curio cabinet is upwards of $10,000 with its curved glass features- could be a much as $100,000 depending on the maker of the woodwork

  52. You see money is the ruler of all evil why not take that money and feed people help people now its just money gone down the drain this is so sad wow

  53. People who build houses that big will go broke in a few years what a waste.

  54. I have the feeling he built it for someone he loved and they are gone

  55. First clip of your vid…..I think it was an office desk with drawers not a piano. Money cant buy happiness.

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