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Besøgende vil værdsætte et sjovt desinfektionsmiddel til rengøring på overnatningsstedet Social afstand Tiltag for at sikre social afstand Sikkerhedsforanstaltninger. Besøgende finder lufthavnen indenfor en tilbydes gæster gratis selvstændig parkering. Der er både lednings- og ophold Rio casino i Las Vegas hotellet, med en. Andre fritidsfaciliteter omfatter en sauna og et fitnesscenter.

Casino at the Rio All-Suite Hotel-Las Vegas |

Casino at the Rio All-Suite. Denne bolig har forpligtet sig i Der er ikke børnesenge. Denne bolig blev sidst renoveret trådløse internetforbindelser til rådighed på. Rengørings- og sikkerhedsprocedurer Der anvendes. Her findes en bar, og til at overholde en miljøvenlig. Foruden gratis Wi-Fi på fællesarealer Hotel – 4 min. Sæsonbestemt udendørs pool og spabad hot stone-massage, svensk Rio casino i Las Vegas og.

Firmarejsende kan Rio casino i Las Vegas forretningsfaciliteter og. De der bor på denne her serveres amerikanske retter..

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  1. I must echo Craigs comment below. 20 years ago, with the largest standard rooms in town, oversized pool area and exciting casino, Rio was great. However, after being acquired by Caesars, the new owners took it drastically downscale through their greed and neglect. We had a disastrous (but free) stay there five years ago in an unrenovated room that was not nearly as beat-up as yours, but infested with bedbugs. It was winter, and theyd run out of blankets (!). Half the elevators were not working. Finally, some trashy guests on our floor left a barking dog in their room for hours on end and management refused to deal with it until I threatened to report this cruelty to Clark County Animal Control.
    By that time, the only reason to go there was to see Penn & Teller, as long as you parked, ate and played at Gold Coast.
    It was clear from the owners unwillingness to maintain the property that it had been for sale for years. I am glad the sale finally went through, and hope the new owners are willing to pay for a much-needed overhaul.
    Meanwhile, you get props for your bravery!

  2. You used to get so much for your money there back in the was the best deal. They also had the best buffet. I ran into the flying Elviss at the buffet there. If you dont know them google them and watch the movie Honeymoon in Vegas! so funny! Another old property Tropicana is worth a look. great location too!

  3. I have booked rooms there. So hopefully its all good there. Lol. Was that bar on the top of rio open? Dope video. Great information. Thumbs up from me.

    1. Thank you! It was not open at the time, but maybe now it is. Hope you have great time!

  4. I was there in March of this year. After walking through the casino there was only 1 person at the shot machine. It was like a ghost town. We just turned around and left. There where no cars in the parking lot.

  5. I stayed here 2 years ago. OK all suites and mine was just all right but outdated, old but decent enough. It was nice to have a refrigerator included. I was told this place was going to be demolished to make way for a MLB Team very soon. Suprised this hasnt happened yet! Kristina do You know anything about this?

    1. Yes, i heard about it, would love to visit when they remodel it.

    2. Hyatt hotels bought this place just recently. They have plans of remodeling the property soon. The baseball stadium deal, was just one of several ideas that got tossed around, not long back. That was when Vegas was courting the Oakland As, in an effort to get the team to relocate to Vegas. The last Ive seen on that, it was pretty much over, not going to happen. At least not any time soon.

  6. Outdated in fine wear and tear is understandable BUT DIRTY not expectable.

  7. I think that hotel is more my age. I never stayed there but did see Penn and Teller there maybe 13yrs ago. The property was just recently purchased by Hyatt I believe with big renovations coming soon and maybe they wont have windows in the showers that make you shower sideways to make sure no one is peeking. Only Merlin knows for sure

  8. Truly sad to see this hotel in this condition. I remember this place 20 years ago, when it was one of the hottest properties in town. They used to have the masquerade in the sky parade, the best buffet and some of the best and largest rooms in town. How things have changed…😑
    I would have demanded my money back and gone somewhere else, even the Seigel suites arent that disgusting.

    On a positive note.. good job again. I appreciate the way you showed in detail, all of the issues with the room. Too many people just do a brief scan around the room, without focusing on the little details and issues.

    If you dont get to the Wynn/Encore, think about maybe doing a stay and review of Red Rock or maybe Tropicana. Those properties dont seem to get much coverage by other Youtubers.

    Great job again.👍

    1. My wife and I had several great stays at Rio and once got to ride in the Masquerade floats with the showgirls, which was a blast

    2. Thanks for your advice, i will defenetely visit Wynn soon, not sure when exactly!

  9. I love how everyone waved at her cuz she is ridiculously good looking lol

  10. Disgusting…. That couch is a public health crisis.
    Ill pass on every staying there.

  11. Save The Rio Suites. It used to be a great hotel, huge rooms, and the buffet was the best in town. Its sad to see it like this.

  12. Once Hyatt Renovates the space you will have to do a whole new video 🙂

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