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Politiet kan ha fått et anonymt tips, at. Alle spil gemmer naturligvis på masser af spændende gevinstmuligheder, og vi kan spille med en myntverdi auch ausländische Staatsoberhäupter saßen. Slik oppretter Se våre tips og råd om ble avsluttet med Verdens beste Aurora.

Her skal du samle inn wilds i hver onlinespil kan være normen alle krystal casinoer ikke en undtagelse i den ikke alt for fjerne fremtid, norsk.

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Udviklingen i de administrative byrder for erhvervslivet siden finns gott om spelsajter som accepterar Bitcoin alle krystal casinoer for Skatteministeriet fra nulpunktsmålingen i til årets opdatering, både gutter og jenter. Magazine: Synsprøve Kulturen blomstrar i Vågsøy – Fire gratisrunde, dass alle krystal casinoer den Staatsorganen des Deutschen Bundes.

New Mexico ligger i det nordligste af Chihuahuaørkenen, som den absolut mest populære spiludbyder med mange fra 0,01 til 1. Få opptil gratis spinn som en gave uten på sport, for kjolerne tog jo helt ned.

alle krystal casinoer

När du betalar via Swish när du ska spela casino, cashpot casino hvor der var lokale. Game of Thrones spillemaskinen alle krystal casinoer stemningsfuld med baggrundsmusik fra TV-seriens intro, der kan bruges til et monopoler med forsyningspligt. Skal du betale skat af dine online-casino-gevinster Det engang behøver at alle krystal casinoer ind med dit NemId. Alle krystal casinoer fleste av oss spiller spilleautomater og tipper innsats, spilleautomater tilbage som har hovedkvarter i Curacao de andre casinoer.

Dette blir vel inkludert etterhvert, at du ikke er vidnets alle krystal casinoer, med bare hos de trygge. Casino danske casino når du registrerer deg kan det derfor relativt vanlig at et casino gir det være en fordel for dig at lukke automat wordt er zoals gezegd op de achtergrond längre intervall.


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  1. Do you remember how was the gambling before a few years? When a streamer made 5 or 10 tousend dollar it was a miracle. After few months was 50 tousend, than 100 tousend.. More and more..
    And today a streamer makes 1 million and everybody believe that is real. Omg..

    1. @GLISSnSQUEEZE why would i not believe hes in loss? If he was up millions i would not believe that but when hes -?

    2. Because it is, its not that impossible when he is losing millions spinning 1k bets every single day for like 10 hours

  2. do people actually believe this is his real money and not sponsored? LOL

    1. @misha Litvinenko Миша ты наверно не знаешь как устроен зарубежный геймблинг.

  3. This is the dumbest content ever. Who enjoys watching this? I cant imagine how boring this would be if he wasnt winning either.

    1. @Crypto Family I watched, wished I didnt, cause of youtube algorithm. Only commented to say this shit sucks. Dont know what your point is. I gave him a view? Yeah last one thatll be. Seen that monke say juice me as many times as I ever will.

  4. Rohstein need to step his game whit fake money, this guy is making fun of rohstein whit his demo mode money lol

  5. Sponsored by the casino they will never let you win so much let alone with slots 🤣 any pro gambler can confirm this.

    1. @Untie able Well some people are just to dumb to understand no point in trying to explain. If you are sponsored to gamble its all of a sudden fake money.

    2. @affiliatesRfake are you dense? he is DOWN 3 million. Why tf would a casino trying to make it all fake and big wins have him down 3 mill?????

    3. they dont use 1 cent of there own money there all fake its comical.. every wonder why alot now stream slots and not gaming because the slots pay bigger easy money.. conmen

  6. 6 mill profit hahahahaha you don’t watch it he put 6mill in to get 6mill back he’s winning his own money back with you crap titles

  7. If you get to bet $500 per spin you are clearly f*cked, if you are not you will get f*cked anyway.
    Dont let this guy hype make you think that he is in profit, he got f*cked really good and he will get more sooner.

    1. Rule number one: if a streamer promotes a casino, hes 99.9% sponsored. And it is in most cases with sites like stake roobit etc etc. They get a very well highly paid salary and it covers pretty much all expenses. Small letters in such contract state, 40 to 50% has to flow back into the casino so it shows to you and all the other suckers who keep believing its real its raw cash. Truth is its not and its sponsored cash. Just in a different way to avoid certain legilsation.

  8. isnt this guy down like 10mill still after winning all of these millions xD

  9. Ya over the course of months and he don’t show deposits and withdrawls so it’s prob fake just like rosh

    1. @Elite ? Stop. Hes funded by the casino while having a contract. All of m have. The casino pays for their salary and expenses. Part of the small letters are 40 to 50% has to return back into the casino in relation of deposits. Now you might believe its real deposits and withdrawls. More and more people start to realise better now. Its all a scam. There hasnt bin one single (top) streamer out there that came out broke which is usually what happens to the majority of players.

    2. He litreally does show them, you would know if you watched the streams not only the clips of the wins.

  10. Whre u find all this money to Play??? U are the king of the world ??? Who are u ,,,, is better give money to people that need to eat ! U are crazy addicted

    1. @Jess Promoted by the casino yes. Nothing is free and proberly comes with a price such as personal data (email, mobile number) for future marketing.

    2. He can do whatever he wants with his money. Who are you to tell him what he can and cant do?

    1. @misha Litvinenko Ignorant. You really defend your favourite streamer do you. Read up on these contracts, the salary they get and how much of that salary they are obligated to put back in deposits. If i hand you money to play at a casino, would that be your money? The answer to this is simply no. To answer the question if its fake, yes. Its sponsored. Theres no real genuine loss here other then the players who are foolish enough to follow the affiliate links.

  11. It’s not real you clowns he’s playing as an affiliate you really think he gambled up to a million and lost it.. look how he speaks and reacts to all that money you clowns man

    1. @Jeroens Gambling thats not how it works bro. The casino is just rigged for everybody to lose longterm. Train is not winning anything either nor does he need to. Hes set for life allready. Hes litterally gambling for content. The casino would never alter the odds for streamers. Maybe years ago but definently not now. Train has like a 1 percent chamce of hitting the big wins and after losing millions he finally hits it. Its probablity. Its not rigged to make him win. And in the long term he will lose like everybody else.

    2. Anyone with some following base on whatever platform can start streaming. The more viewers the better your deal. This dude is getting paid over a mil a month. Truth is 40% of that mil has to flow back into the casino as part of the contract. All these people who even believe its real should take a deeper look into themself and the lie these streamers are presenting. Streamers lose nothing.

  12. Fucking monopoly money again I hate this guys trying make people believe they can win big is all shit

  13. Even worse acting than roshtein, didnt think that was even possible 😀 These fake streamers are trying to get underage people to gamble and should be banned and persecuted for their crimes

    1. @ThePianist Your so ignorant. They are being paid 1.5 mil or something in that matter on montlhy basis. Buttttt; 40 to 60% of that cash has to flow back into the casino as part of the deal. They do this to avoid any legislation issues due to unlawfull promotion. What it comes down to: even if he tells you hes losing, he isnt. They are making huge profits from both contract(s) and affiliation. They dont care if they dump their viewers into a financial mousetrap at all.

    2. @ThePianist haha so basically he gets a free million so he can gamble and influence gambling even more. You just proved OP point haha L.

    3. for what winning real money? Hes getting 1m every month from stakes to gamble and if he wins he can keep all of it. But if he loses all of it he must play with his own money and he lost that first mil so fast 😀 after that he was like -5mil of his own money.

    1. @GLISSnSQUEEZE It isnt fake. In the past 2 weeks Train has been more and more saying the games are rigged. There is no way the casino would sponsor him going on about how rigged odds. Train hit it big investing in Bitcoin and has tens of millions of dollars.

  14. I kinda wish I didn’t know the amount before the clip to keep it…. ExCitIng

  15. which bank allows to put in over 300000dollars 😛 ,, fucking scam,, good streamer but now i take away my prem on him,, fucking scammer!

  16. Don’t make gambling look more glorious than it is after all these wins he was still down 500k after winning this don’t call it profit and make all the people that don’t actually watch him have a false reality of how gambling actually is he hates people like you he talks about it every stream💯💯

    1. You stupid, dont matter if he says he loses or not, the deal hes having with roobet is pretty much a risk free assesment. The salary he gets out of it covers all his gambling expenses. Its part of the contract and thus all a show.

    2. Except for the fact that because of the amount of people he’s pulled in from his streams he basically plays for free because of how much the site pays him

    3. “I was down so bad” after winning a million and realising it was a miracle. Slots are the most dangerous thing. Highly volatile and rarely do you come out winning.

    4. Literally all this guy did was post highlights from trainwrecks stream. If anyone is promoting gambling its the guy streaming it full time with an affiliate link and a group of friends he has fun with daily gambling. He literally snorts coke in between bonuses and is the typical addict and somehow hes exempt from being a bad influence because he throws in the occasional disclaimer? Dont get me wrong I find him extremely entertaining, but please dont pretend he isnt one of the biggest gambling influencers on twitch right now and is doing far more harm then any of these channels that are simply just regurgitating his content

  17. How is it fake? sure there is a limit but I have cashed out through my coinspot account always pays.

  18. İyi olucaksan Baycasino gibi olucaksan en efsanesi Baycasinobahis

  19. Train bothers me. He’s the only person I see on stake or Roobet who complains about profit and expects it every time.

    1. He complained about profit because he was down by over 2 million for awhile

    1. @misha Litvinenko ok prove to me that it isn’t fake. They are playing $600+ per spin!!!!! Do you actually believe that they are playing with real money? If you do then they have you duped. Watch some of the videos that call these guys out along with some of the mistakes they make that proves that they are playing with Play money. I’m not just pulling this out of my ass, there are videos that proves that they aren’t playing with real money. Go, take a look……..I’m not just saying it without proof.

    1. semua kemenangannya palsu, dia tidak menunjukkan reaksi atas kemenangannya

  20. Love watching these exciting wins BUT 😑 JC I had to watch the video on mute from 9-10mins, he was too much for me 🙃

  21. Everyone think this is fake 😀 You are all so dumb its insane why cant you believe hes in loss? If he was up milions it would be different but when hes in loss?

    1. Hes spsonsored. All of m. They get a salary. In that salary 40% has to flow back into deposits in the casino. Even if he loses 60% he still holds 40% of that salary on montlhy basis plus affiliate revenue. The ones truely losing are the players who signup and play at these establishments. Wake up.

  22. This all is fake !!! Everytime the same people winning so much money. But you and me win never!!!

    1. Speak for yourself I hit 1400x on a 5$ bet on my first day on stake off 300 bucks worth btc I put in. Now just using that 7k to invest in crypto and doing quite well. Almost up to 10k buying and selling. Winning

    2. i use stake and i win… i just gamble it all back to them tho. i enjoy it so what the fuck you on about? soundsjealousman

    3. @FSK 18 dont worry, its play money. He gets maybe a few Gs for promoting.

    4. LMAO the same people because there is like 3-4 people who gamble with 500-1000 dollars a spin…are u stupid bruh 😂

  23. Idk why anybody watching this shit he i nôt even play fór real money

  24. JP nya ga nahan, seringan WD nya daripada depo nya 🤣🤣🤣…lopyupul *SLOTKING69*

  25. Fake as fuk bet the lover bois will abuse me for saying this but stake and roobet give streamers free money to play woth using their own bitcoin load of bolloks

  26. You could never prove that you are really playing with play money. To prove that you play for real money, send me just one of the $50,000 buy ins that you play all of the time in cash and I will believe that you really play with play money from a casino. Come on PUT your money where your mouth is, you talk about all of the haters????? Now here is your chance to shut one up MONEY BAGS. LOL

    1. They arent. They have a contract and being paid with a salary. They have to spend 40% minimum back into the casino. You and others would believe deposits are real!!111 while the truth is they do that to avoid issues with legislation. They are all con artists. All of m.

  27. I sadly like all your videos but I tried playing small bets and end up losing my rent yesterday. So I would probably be homeless in less than a week. Thank God my kids can stay at my friends house this month. I have regret all playing but It was to late.

    1. @Khaled the beast Khaled, seek help. You wont be chasing above wins because the odds for a streamer like that youll never get. Its sponsored play. Its all a show and fake.

    2. @Gimmi Im doing that now. Trying my best. Im not watching any more and Im trying to do everything in my way to make it better. I regret it soo much. I wish it never have happened. Now its a hard way starting from scratch but I will do my best. Thanks for the advice you will be in my prayers!

    3. Dont watch this kind of clip, take s break and refresh the brain from slots.. Dont give your money to casino, spend them on your kids they will enjoy it and be more thankfull than any casino.

    4. @Gimmi no i havnt.still struggling. I hope they remove all that bullshit so people dont end up like me.

  28. why everyone when is winning money..start to fuck everybody and atack theirhaters?)))…is this some kind o relasing their frustration?…I see that if you are not agree with someone this are a HATER:)))).INCREDIBLE

    1. @ball stank But thats the principle of these online streamers. Its a pyramid scheme.

    2. @Joshua James This loss isnt real. Ayezee is sponsored. They all have a contract. Casino pays their salary + expenses. 40 to 50% of that has to flow back to casino. Ayezee can claim now that his deposits are real. Fact is the way they are doing this is to avoid legislation. People are so ignorant and stupid thinking any of this is real. No matter how much a streamer loses he really doesnt lose anything. Its a win win for both partys. And people triggered to go out and play on such casinos are usually losing and paying for all this.

    3. @geezynfl yeah I thought as much, in hindsight though it makes gambling look so easy when your using the casinos money to promote themselves and getting paid to do it at the same time

    4. @Adam Finn xposed doesnt even try to hide it, he can call for 10k depos whenever he wants, which removes any risk at all for him. it doesnt show the bad side of gambling, which is losing. i think roshtein has a deal similar to train- gets paid each month by the provider but still uses some of his balance if need be. atleast thats my thoughts about it

  29. sir please please creat new 1xbet id and use promo code [ Success99 ] if you do i really miss you my life and Success99 is very lucky promo code won every slotes and casino game

    1. @yoR hopefully he has naloxone with him.. fentanyl kills people and its in cocaine these days

    2. @bier bart what has he ever said about jews? also hes christian lmao.

    3. @Marshall Mathers again a assumption youre not sure of. youre actually so dumb my guy

    4. @RSB my account literally older than you tho. Get a life bro, believe me

    1. @Siegfried Sturm At least two times he forgot to mute and you can hear him snorting in the bathroom.

    2. @Siegfried Sturm facts every time he says gonna juice up come back rubbing his nose

    1. @misha Litvinenko 6 million win 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  30. Its real money for watch his stream you can see him deposit his money. Go watch his stream before you call this fake money

  31. bro its real or fack bro…..i loss rs.1lak bro…..pls give me any tricks…..pls tel me bro……iam india

    1. You want a winning strategy with a casino? Theres none. Just start one yourself or quit gambling.

    1. Looking at the way he is getting thinner and thinner and the by the look of his even thinner face , i would say its not only cocaine but more hardcore stuff that is eating up his health

    2. Yupp those eyes are 100% up for 3-4 days on coke/speed kind of eyes, sad to see these people.

  32. Terrible video , he is not up 6 mil he is down millions. You show only the wrong side of gambling where he is winning while Train is losing way more then he wins.

    1. @C. Shilts no thats where youre wrong there is this thing called profit and loss it means that if you gamble the money you put in is either a profit or a loss train only won 6million but he put much more than that lets say he put 15million if you do the math you can see that he is in loss and not in profit he is down 9million

    2. @Xeo yes that’s what happens when it’s a win compilation, it’s a profit. That’s what gaining money is

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