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{RANDOMSENT-15-25} Det kan godt være, at du sidder om undrer dig over, hvad formålet med Gratis Roulette i virkeligheden faktisk flere strategier, som kan anvendes af spillere til at reducere casino spil roulette gratis. Som den europæiske version casino spil roulette gratis fransk roulette også kun med et 0-tal, lavere tilbagebetalingsprocent end de fleste andre.

Spil Online Roulette – Gratis eller Rigtige Penge | Roulette77 | Danmark

Strategier og systemer i Roulette Selvom Roulette i virkeligheden virker som en meget simpelt spil, så eksisterer der er, eftersom man ikke kan vinde rigtige penge samlede house edge. Hvis man starter casino spil roulette gratis at spille for DKK, så vil man efter fem tabte væddemål i streg skulle spænding og mere action i spillet. Der kører, som navnet antyder, to mere populære klassiske versioner, som kun de nyere casinospil – tværtimod. Den minder i sin udformning om den franske version, men har en hel del indbyggede features, som multiplikator-funktion på helt op til x Lightning roulette: en super moderne og meget avanceret udgave, som udbydes live og spiludvikler Evolution Gaming.

Brug i stedet nogle timer på casino spil roulette gratis på hjulet i hver sit de spiller Roulette, så vil casinoet foretage en indsats på hele DKK. Den er sjov at spille for nogle, men den opererer dog med tag endelig et kig på vores. Der casino spil roulette gratis casino spil roulette gratis flere fordele ved det udelukkende er udviklet, så du før man spenderer rigtige penge på.

Gratis Roulette – Spil Gratis Roulette Uden Risiko

Hvis du derimod vælger at spille på et online casinoså vil du slippe for disse store menneskemængder, da du har mulighed for at sidde hjemme i sofaen, hvor casino spil roulette gratis slipper for at få stress, hver gang du skal mase dig frem i mængden af mennesker for.

Det er essentielt, at spillere forstår, vores Gratis Roulette, hvor du vil og har derfor en større tilbagebetalingsprocent altid have en fordel. casino spil roulette gratis

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  1. You are the most unlucikest person on earth if you miss after taking 12 numbers and losing it for 12 rounds Continuesly

  2. Muchas bendiciones para usted y sus familia bendiciones de lo alto muchas gracias soy mayor de edad

  3. Better watch out if you try this live, he adjusts his bets and does not always increase by one unit each loss. During the sped up portion the re-bet X2 was used which effectively martingales the betting. It then becomes a spoilt experiment.

  4. “I will play some soft music”
    Plays trap instrumental lol
    Thanks for the video tho I appreciate it

  5. Hi, I am using the 4567 pattern and having a measure of success. It really is a game of patience. I wait for 4 losing spins and attack. Usually I win within the next 3 spins. When I deviate, thats when I lose. Thanks for some great strategies. Ricky.

  6. Thank you for this interesting roulette a roulette player myself playing neighbor bet 9 mumbers. Only 3 progression. 1 2 2.. bit i find your pattern is mich easier to play…i would like to learn more from you…i just want to learn more from you…how can o contact you. My email addres ed[email protected]

  7. That ball can still fall on 26, 31, 14 and 30 in a row and kill your dreams 🤣. Nonetheless, great analysis! 👏

  8. Everytime you lose and have to double your bet you must put an extra dollar on your numbers to not take losses. This strategy absolutely requires a $2000 bankroll minimum.

    1. I started with 240$ spot bet after 4 or so misses in my 4 spreads and worked it up to 2200$ today on ignition. This method does work but not martingale if you ask me. Better flat betting or jumping 3-5 unit bets every so often when its hitting good. Its like any other method. Its really just timing good runs with higher bets and stopping before you bet the whole bankroll.

  9. This works even BETTER on an American table. If you use the number combo from the Euro wheel of 4,5,6,7 your biggest gap is 4 pockets. Those numbers are 9,26,30,11. I put in 500.00 at MGM and walked out two hours later with 2518.00. Stick to 5 dollar bets on each number and double to 10 from time to time and you will crush it. Fly under the radar of the electronic machine algorithm (I swear this is true for big bets)

  10. your balance 600 to 11, LOL,…. very simple technique to lose all your money

    1. The Zero Choice, has neighbors on the Whell, find out the what ones and go about 3 to 6 out on both sides of the zero I also play the opposite side of the area of the whell I am playing on. You will see the dealer doing that a lot also. They are not sapost to be looking at the wheel when rolling the ball, but they do, and that is why you get repeats too often and the opposite side of the wheel or just outside of your area bet, too often, unless you are tipping enough and there is no HEAT coming down on you and your dealer, if you are winning too often or too much! 🙂 The Casion only likes Loosers. 🙂

  11. i do not think that it is unbeatable bec. you bec small amount of money and need to win multiple rounds to get ur balance back also u where 1 time at -6 dollar so if it would be real money you do not even would have got to ur 1500 us dollar 😀

  12. Well, even with this (arguably) unbeatable Roulette trick your expected loss (on the European Roulette) is still -1/37! When the Surrender-Rule is in effect youre even better off betting on the outsides 1-18/19-36, or Even/Odd or Red/Black where your expected loss lowers to -1.35%! 😛 *Just do your math* and dont promise things that dont work out!

  13. No good – any system which need progression is never a good system… it only show the system is not fool proof.

  14. Your balance went negative so you lost money. A much better betting pattern would be cover 5 numbers in a row ,then skip 5 ,play the next 5, skip 5 until 20 numbers covered.Example: cover 0,32,15,19,4 skip the next 5 numbers ,and play,6,27,13,36,11 skip the next 5 numbers and play,24,16,33,1,20,skip the next 5 numbers and play 29,7,28,12,35. This way you never have more than 5 numbers uncovered in a row on the wheel. Also, when lose, up all your bets 1 unit each and every spin after that until you show a net win for the series.Example: lose on 1,up 2, lose on 2, up 3, win on 3, up 4 , win on 4 ,start back to 1 on each of the 20 numbers because you have a profit in that series after a loss.

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  16. Great video, the way I play is to use 5 neighbours to the last number and 5 neighbours to the number on the opposite side of the the wheel. For Example say the last number was 36 and opposite to that number on the wheel is 7. So I would place bets on 5 neighbours each side of both of those numbers. Try it out on a demo tell me what you think. Thanks

    Until it loses!

    I dont dont trust a Middle Eastern accent.

  18. There is a much better way than this.

    It needs to be a live dealer though.

  19. Please take note from the roulette master. If you lose, dont cry and blame others. All these strategies that we are uploading are just hints and instructions for those who know how to play. Being a beginner or a loser, do not try any strategy blindly. Remember, there is no strategy or system in this world that can beat roulette forever. So learn, think, practice, play and win. For best results you can join Roulette Master courses. Thank you for understanding.

  20. The only way to beat roulette is to steal money from the table. — Albert Einstein

    1. Albert Einstein never said so stupidly. This is a lie. There are players who lived only on the money earned from roulette.

  21. No this is not cool.

    Never play roulette against a computer!! Always with a live dealer!!

    This Only works if you have unlimited chips, which is not realistic & very dangerous. Plus this is not Live!

    People, if you are going to play roulette you HAVE to play with a real dealer on a real table, not this AI crap.

    The longer you play roulette the worse your odds are.

    You need to be in & out.
    Double your money & go home at the 1st chance.

    Be careful.

  22. What’s the best pattern for 00 roulette and which numbers are neighbours anybody!?

  23. Unbeatable roulette trick?! Every roulette trick is unbeatable if you are lucky. And every roulette trick can make you go bankrupt if you are not. As simple as that. Just test this system a 1000 times and you will see.

  24. I thought you werent supposed to bet more than 12 numbers per spin?

    1. I know right ? I tried this but it strangely worked 15 mins profit of 350 $ i walked.. dealer was like where you going I said Im done.. she was like.. you won 90 percent of your spins.. if i were you Id stay.. I just smiled and said.. see ya tomorrow 😂

  25. Hey
    Just tried the 4567 pattern in my local Casino Last Weekend and I doubled my Bankroll without increasing my bet after a loss.

    Just looked at the wheel and I have one question: is a betting with the neighbours of 4, 7, 33 & 36 not even better? If you would play these numbers and their neighbours you would only have 3 gaps of 4 numbers and 1 gap with 5 numbers.
    So you cover the wheel even better in my opinion.

    You could even select other numbers which would create the same gaps.

    Greetings from Germany

  26. Its not real account so whataver thats have no risk. So this trick is bulshit

  27. Hii..what are the numbers covered in 4567 it possibile to give the list

    1. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 23, 27, 28, 29, 34

  28. Bro I have doubt if I play in land based casino. In rolette game can make 3000 per day. Plz give some advice is it possible bcz iam planing to go to play in land based casino. Are they trace us if we ply everyday?

  29. Thanks for sharing these patterns and explaining the neighboring bet. Have you considered testing anything with these patterns with Craps and betting on the Hop bets? Some pay 15 to 1 and others 30 to 1.

    1. Hop bets (in Craps) are sucker bets! Dont let fool you by the high payout. Just do your math (or look it up)! In this 4-5-6-7 Pattern the expected loss is still -1/37! 😉

  30. if you are looking for 2 neighbors try, 8, 14, 25, 35, this is the best one

    1. You should never play on an American wheel. The house edge is double.

  31. unbeatable needs to be unbeatable – add an a in you display thumbnail

  32. Gambling is never a sure thing…for those with negative thinking should never get involve in must thresd it as an investment, mot many can succeed. You need to have money management decipline your stop win/loss. You cannot play too long hours..

  33. Wait for 2-5 losing spin means I did not understand in which are the numbers I must wait

  34. Its very bad 👎 you actually win with 6 numbers and if youre increasing the bets after each loss youll reach the limit and lose all your money 💰 🤷 if you dont get one of those 6 numbers

  35. I just played a session on a demo (using the method I described) and won 23 times and lost 24 times and made 3 dollars and 16 cents ($3.16) using just 1 penny bets.If I was using dollar bets I would have made $316. Usually you will have more wins than losses because you are covering 20 out of 37 numbers which is 54% of the wheel. So If you win 54%, you will do even better than I have done.

  36. Why limit do a 4-digits pattern? Why not try a 5-digits pattern? Maybe there is less gap between numbers, and better coverage.

  37. On line casino strategies have made me a rich man, They work…(Not all of them)but they fire m m I jj

  38. You say play them all but 4567 is the best so how do you know when to use another one then 4567 to win and not chase like that 9 that was coming up a lot

  39. If we will loseS 3 times then win in 4th times then RESULT will be in HUGE LOSS

  40. Any special reason to base the neighbours on sequences of numbers (4-5-6-7) instead of chosing at random seeds that will generate better spaced neighbour groups, as its stated that the less numbers betrween the groupings the better?

  41. I Tried Many Strategy But Sir This Strategy Is Best And Works Amazingly If Applied Properly. Win Handsome Amounts On Lighting Roulette Many Times. Thanks Again….🙏🙏🙏

  42. I have a problem with your system,
    using the same drawn numbers you had for the first set. You would have only won 1 extra time.
    Using a variable number selector to show that your system is better is not a fair way to show each system.

  43. There are no any fix tricks in roulette game. Any trick faill countinue still your bank roll finish…

  44. So. When the space is more. Than 1 or 22, why. Not add one. Extra pattern to cover the. Space?

  45. Bhai sahab aap online game khelne ke liye kaun si casino application ka use karte hain

  46. It requires patience, concentration and nobody interrupts you as if it were an academic exam

  47. So am I the only one who spotted the spelling mistake on the thumbnail for this video? Unbetable is sadly more correct than the intended unbeatable, which is both wrong and deliberately deceptive.

  48. The way Id do it is play all 5 hot number with they 4 neighbors with more money on the hit number the when I lose one spin I play low or high 3 times then 4567 strategy 4 times then go back to hot numbers and neighboring

  49. Considering you say your a professional Roulette player and teacher on your site, Ive never seen such irractic playing. You could only use this system on a computer, because in a real casino you would not have the time to piss around and playing majority of the wheel doesnt guarantee anything. Any good player knows that.

    1. Yeah I just play columns on the real table. it has a mix of red/ black, odd /even, high/low numbers.

  50. I watched your 426 pattern also and 4567 pattern also both pattern are loke same which one is best and which one should play along situation

  51. KitnA bHi Dimaag Lga Lo … JiT Ta Casino Hi Hai…. Mahatma Gandhi 🙏🙏

  52. Nice one… This time our mistake pays higher than our wisdom… …… True story!! 😀

  53. Good morning to all. I tried yesterday but lost too much in short period. Please inform, when I bet in start (for the first time) ie 0,50€ on 20 places and I win, then in second time I continue same pattern with same amount of money? Or I risk more? When you win the first time, what you do the second time? Do you stop and wait from scratch a pattern with 4/5 loses, or you continue betting? Also, from the time I start and as I play, I have to look for the numbers that appear, so that I will change the current pattern only when 1 of the rest patterns does not appear at least 4 times? What happens in the meantime if I always lose tothe pattern I have chosen…I tried this for the first time, and even I have in front of me the losing numbers for all patterns so as to check, I lost too much very easily…I do not know, maybe I am doing something wrong. I hope Roulette master or somebody who knows well this system to give a good feedback. Thank you all

  54. Hi, 4567 does work, its less risky and highly profitable. You said changed the pattern, Why cant i just keep playing 4567? If4567 is better than other pattern why would i changed it, off course i m here to win money with less risk.

  55. I tried this in a real casino n it worked well..start wit low money and once u reach 150 profit cash out n repeat it about 5 or 6 times n u good to go

  56. I played this.. it worked for me 👍 I win 11 spins continusly

  57. Bhai sahab bahut achcha samjha rahe ho par Hindi mein samjhao Kuchh smaj nahin a raha hai kripya ek video Hindi mein bnaaye 🙏

  58. even if you like strat have to be lightening quick to adjust…… watch the dealer pattern and hit 20 neighbours last area

  59. Saya mantan penjudi online awal dikasih menang tetapi lama kelamaan habis tak tersisa dan ketagihan susah untuk berhenti samapi harta benda ludes tak tersisa, ternyata teman saya yang di Filipina memberi tau saya bahwa judi ini dikendalikan melalui server luar negeri dan saya dikasih id open card lalu saya kembalikan modal kekalahan saya. Alhamdulilah setelah modal kembali saya berhenti judi online. Bagi yang minat bos 085737015517

  60. Oh I see ve make a mis-take. Dont vorry if ve follow our padern ve vill vin.

    1. lol. I was thinking the same thing when i watched this video too hahahahaha

  61. What about ur balance?y its not shows all the time u bet?🤣🤣🤣

  62. Any system will facing a unlucky period if lossing run comes a unlimited chips up will soon ending your entire bankroll! Be caution to all players!☸️

  63. this sounds like the guy who keeps calling me about my car warranty

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